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Rum Is The Reason (P)

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Rick Hobbs - December 2015
Rum Is the Reason - Toby Keith
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Position: Sweetheart – Same footwork

Tag: 8 Count
Man: 2 Right Rocking Chairs
Lady: Right Rocking Chair, Step ½ pivot, step ½ pivot
Happens at the end of the 2nd sequence

[1 - 8] Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Rock recover, Shuffle step
1-2Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L
3&4Shuffle Right (Right, Left, Right)
5-6Rock fwd L, Recover weight back onto R
7&8Backward Left shuffle (Left, Right, Left)

[9 – 16] Rock recover, Shuffle right, Rock Recover, Shuffle left
1-2Rock back on R, Recover weight on L
3&4Man: Right shuffle in place (Right, Left, Right)
3&4Lady: Turning left 1/2, shuffle (Right, Left, Right)
Hands: Man releases Lady’s left hand on count 3; Right hand goes over Lady’s head as she does her turning shuffle
5-6Rock back L, Recover R
7&8Left Shuffle fwd, (Left, Right, Left)
7&8Man: Facing FLOD; Lady: Facing RLOD- Right shoulders to Right shoulder
Hands: Release right hand on count 8

[17 – 24] Sway Side Rock Right, Recover Left (2X), Man: Rocking chair; Lady: Rock back, Recover, step ½ pivot
1-2Step right to right, recover onto left
3-4Replace weight onto right, recover onto left
Hands: Man’s hands on belt buckle; Lady’s hands crossed behind back
5-8Man: Rock forward R, Recover L, Rock back on R, Recover onto L
5-8Lady: Rock back R, Recover L, Step fwd R, ½ pivot L- weight on L
On count 5 Man picks up Lady’s right hand in his right hand
On count 8 Man picks up Lady’s Left hand
Sweetheart position both facing FLOD

[25 – 32] Right Lock Step, Right Shuffle, Left Lock Step, Left Shuffle
1-2Step fwd Right, Left behind Right
3&4Forward Right Shuffle (R, L, R)
5-6Step fwd Left, Right behind Left
7&8Forward Left Shuffle (L, R, L)

**Note: Ladies (and Gents) have fun and be creative with Counts 17- 20 !!
Rum can make you do lots of fun stuff !!

Contact: Rick Hobbs…
Last Update 11 July 2019


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