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Intermediate (WCS)
Andrus Lippmaa (EST) - January 2016
Unstoppable - Sia
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] R step, L mambo, 1/2 turn right, 1/4 pivot right, weave right, R sweep, R behind-side
1-2&3R step forward, L rock forward(2), change weight back into R(&), L step back starting turn 1/2 right(3) (6:00)
4&5finishing 1/2 turn step R forward(4), L step forward(&), turning 1/4 right change weight into R(5) (9:00)
6&7L step cross over R, R step right side, L step behind R sweeping R form front to back
8&R step behind L, L step left side

[9-17] R step, L hitch, L touch back, 1/4 unwind left, R side rock, R cross, L mambo back, full and 1/4 turn right, R step
1-2&3R step forward, hitch L knee up(2), touch L back(&), unwind 1/4 left weigh on L(3) (6:00)
4&5R rock right side (do it with shifting shoulders, do not step), change weight into L, R step cross over L turning upper body 1/8 left (4:30)
6&7L rock forward, change weight back into R, L step back (4:30)
8&1starting turning 1 and 1/4 right step forward, continue turning right step L back, finishing turn step R forward (7:30)

[18-24] L mambo, L back, R back, L behind-side, L cross shuffle, 1/2 unwind right
2&L rock forward, change weight back into R
3-4L step back, R step back (do both like WCS style back steps little turning upper body opposite way) (7:30)
5&6&7L step back, R step right side turning 1/8 right, L step cross over R, R step right side, L step cross over R (9:00)
8unwind 1/2 right weight on R (3:00)

[25-32] L cross, R touch-back, L touch-step, R step, full turn left, 1/2 shuffle left
1-2&L step cross R, R touch right side(2), R step slightly back(&)
3&4L touch forward, L step next to R, R step forward
5-6 1/2 turn left change weight forward into L, 1/2 turn left step R back (9:00)
7&8 1/4 turn left step L left side, 1/4 turn left step R next to L, L step forward (3:00)

Restarts: -
On walls 2,4,6 restart after count 16&. Do only 1 and 1/8 turn finishing to back wall (6:00)
and start dance from the beginning: R step forward.

On wall 9 after count 16& do additional Tag: 1-2 R step rigth side and sway right, sway left.
Then Restart to back wall from the beginning.



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