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Swiss Cha

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Beginner Cha Cha
Tony Koidla (EST) - January 2016
Shveits by Dagö
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Intro - 16 counts

S1: Side, cross rock, side shuffle L, cross , side , ¼ R sailor step
1,2,3Step RF right, cross LF over RF , recover weight to RF
4&5Step LF left , step RF beside LF, step LF left
6,7Step RF over LF, step LF left
8&1Turn ¼ right step RF back, step LF beside RF, Step RF foward

S2: 2 walks , shuffle fwd, 2 walks, ¼ turn R
2,3Step LF forward, step RF forward
4&5Step LF forward, step RF beside LF, step LF forward
6,7,8Step RF forward, step LF forvard, turn ¼ right weight on RF

S3: 2 jazz box, cross, side
1,2,3Step LF cross RF, step RF back, step LF left
4,5,6Step RF cross LF, step LF back, step RF right
7,8Step LF cross RF, step RF right

S4: Behind, ¼ turn R step, step, ½ turn R, step, shuffle fwd, step
1,2,3Step LF behind RF, turn ¼ right step RF forward, step LF forward
4,5Turn ½ right weight on RF, step LF forward
6&7Step RF forward, stepLF beside RF, step RF forward
8Step LF forward

No Tags, no Restarts, have fun.



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