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Come and Stay (Tule ja jää)

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Intermediate waltz
Kaarel Kuimet (EST) & Tony Koidla (EST) - January 2016
Tule ja Jää - Kõrsikud
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Pattern of dance 48, 48, 12, Tag, 48, 48, Tag, 48, 18, 48, 48, 12
Start with lyrics

[1 – 6] Fwd, hitch, cross, weave L
1-2-3L fwd, hitch R, stil hitch cross R over L
4-5-6R over L down, L left, R behind L

[7 -12] L diagonal basic, basic back with 7/8 turn L
1-2-3 1/8 turn left L fwd (10:30), R beside L, L on place
4-5-6R back, ½ turn left L fwd, 3/8 turn left R beside L (12:00)
Tag and Restart on wall 3; and ending on wall 10 turn left extra ¼ to face first wall

[13-18] Twinkle back 2X
1-2-3cross L behind R back right diagonal, R right, recover L
4-5-6cross R behind L back left diagonal, L left, recover R
Restart on wall 7

[19-24] Cross, side, ¼ L lift, 2 walks, lift
1-2-3cross L behind R, R right, ¼ turn left lift L (9:00)
4-5-6L fwd, R fwd, lift L

[25-30] Basic with ½ turn L, basic fwd
1-2-3L fwd, R beside L, ½ turn left L fwd (3:00)
4-5-6R fwd , L beside R, R on place

[31-36] Cross rock side 2X
1-2-3cross rock L over R, recover R, L left
4-5-6cross rock R over L, recover L, R right

[37-42] Cross, full turn L, point , hold
1-2-3cross L over R, ¼ turn left R back, ½ turn left L fwd
4-5-6¼ turn left R right (3:00), point L left, hold

[43-48] 1 ½ turn R, point, hold
1-2-3¼ turn right L back, ½ turn right R fwd, ½ turn right L back
4-5-6¼ turn right R right (9:00), point L left, hold

Tag : Happens on wall 3 after 12 counts; and after wall 5....
1-2-3cross L behind R, unwind full turn L weight stays on R



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