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Teddy Bear's Picnic

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Easy Improver
Rob Fowler (ES), Shelly Guichard (UK) & Conor McVeigh (UK) - February 2016
Teddy Bear & Too Much (Medley) - Cliff Richard : (Album: Cliff Richard the Fabulous Rock N Roll Songbook)
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# 8 count intro from beginning of track

Section 1: Side touch, side touch, side together, side touch
1-2step left to left side, touch right beside left
3-4step right to right side, touch left beside right
5-6step left to left, close right beside left
7-8step left to left, touch right beside left (12:00)

Section 2: Forward touch, back touch, back drag, rock back, recover
1-2step forward right, touch left beside right
3-4step back left, touch right beside left
5-6big step back on right, drag left towards right
7-8Rock back on left, recover to right (12:00)

Section 3: Left lock left, brush, right lock right, brush
1-2step forward on left, lock right slightly behind left
3-4step forward on left, brush right foot forward
5-6step forward on right, lock left slightly behind right
7-8step forward on right, brush left foot forward (12:00)

Section 4: Rock recover, 1/4 turn left, twist to right
1-2Rock forward left, recover right
3-4turn 1/4 turn left stepping left to left side, close right beside left
5-6twist heels to right, twist toes to right
7-8twist heels to right, flick left foot behind right leg, touching right hand to left foot (09:00)

Section 5: Grapevine left, stomp, hold, kickball change
1-2step left to left, cross right behind left
3-4step left to left, touch right beside left
5-6stomp right foot forward, hold for one count
7&8kick left foot forward, step left in place, step right beside left
* Restart here on walls 2 and 7 (09:00)

Section 6: Diagonal forward and back touches
1-2step left forward to left diagonal, touch right beside left,
3-4Step right back to right diagonal, touch left beside right
5-6step left back to left diagonal, touch right beside left
7-8step back right to right diagonal, touch left beside right (09:00)

Restart on Walls 2 & 7 highlighted with *


CountryGAL April 25, 2016
Hello, I have got in touch with Rob about this dance, because the restarts @ 9.00 on the sheet is incorrect. Wall 2 @ 6.00 & wall 7 @ 3.00.

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