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I'll Be Your Woman

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Ninna Jensen (DK) - February 2016
I'll Be Your Woman - Pussycat : (Album: Hollands Glorie: Pussycat)
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Intro: 16 ct; start on vocals

Sect. 1: Extended Vine R, cross shuffle, side behind; ¼ turn R, ½ R, mambo
1-2 &R F Right; LF behind R; RF Right;
3&4&5LF in front of R; RF Right; LF in front of R; RF Right; LF behind RF
6 & 7RF ¼ R; LF FW; ½ turn R stepping RF FW;
8 & 1LF Rock FW; recover to RF; LF step BW

Sect. 2: Back together step fw; Lock step; Rock steps
2 - 3RF next to LF, LF FW;
4 & 5RF FW, LF behind RF; RF FW
6&7&LF cross in front of RF, recover to RF; LF rock to L, recover to RF
8-&LF cross in front of RF; recover to RF

Sect. 3: Basic L; vine ¼ R; Step; Step ½ turn L step; Full turn R and sweep
1 - 2 & 3LF left; RF cross behind LF; recover to LF; RF to R
3 - 4 & 5LF behind R; RF to R, turning ¼ R; LF FW
6 & 7RF fw; turn ½ L stepping LF fw; RF fw
8 - 1Turn ½ R stepping LF back; turn ½ R stepping RF fw, sweeping RF in front of L

Sect. 4: Vaudeville R and L; mambo steps
2 & 3 &LF cross in front of RF; RF to R; L heel digs diagonal to L; LF next to RF
4 & 5 &RF cross in front of LF; LF to L; R heel digs diagonal to R; RF next to LF
6&7LF rock fw; recover to RF; LF step back
8 - &RF rock back; recover to LF

TAGS: Danced at the end of walls 2 and 6:
Basics R and L; mambo fw and bw
1-2 & 3-4 &RF to R; LF rock behind RF; recover to RF
3-4 &LF to L; RF rock behind; recover to LF
5 & 6RF rock fw; recover to LF; RF steps back
7 & 8LF rock back; recover to RF; LF steps fw

Ending: Extended vine and cross shuffle, ending crossing LF in front of RF



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