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Reasons For My Tears

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Improver Cha Cha
Francien Sittrop (NL) - February 2016
Reasons for the Tears I Cry - Vince Gill : (Album: Down To My Last Bad Habit)
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Intro: Start after 40 Counts from the Beginning (20 sec)

[1 – 9] Step fwd, Touch Fwd , ½ Turn L with R Flick Back, Lock Step fwd, Cross Rock , Recover, Chasse L
1 – 3Step L fwd, Touch R fwd, Make on Ball of L Pivot ½ Turn L and Flick R back
4 & 5Step R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd
6 – 7Rock L across R, Recover on L
8 & 1Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Step L to L side

[10-17] Rock Back , Recover, Side Shuffle ¼ R, Step fwd, Pivot ½ R, Lock Step fwd
2 – 3Rock R back, Recover on L
4 & 5Step R to R side, Step L next to R, ¼ Turn R step R fwd
6 – 7Step L fwd, Pivot ½ Turn R
8 & 1Step L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd

[18-25] Step fwd, ¼ Turn R , ¼ Turn R with Sailor Cross , Hold, and Cross, Side Rock , Recover, Cross
2 - 3Step R fwd, ¼ Turn R step L to L side
4 & 5Sweep R behind L with ¼ Turn R, Step L to L side, Step R across L
& 7Step L to L side, Step R across L
8 & 1Rock L to L side, Recover on R, Step L across R

[26-32] Hipsways, Sailor step , Sailor step , Step R fwd
2 – 3Step R to R side and sway Hip R , Sway Hip to L
4 & 5Sweep R behind L, Step L to L side, Step R to R side
6 & 7Sweep L behind L , Step R to R side, Step L fwd
8Step R fwd

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