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All Out & Stepped Up

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Helaine Norman (USA) - February 2016
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"Shoop" by Salt n Pepper

S1: Step Out Out, Step Touch (X2); Bunny Hops (In In) (X2)
1-2Step R forward right (wide with hip) (1-2)
3-4Step L forward left (wide with hip) (3-4);
&5-6Jump R back (&), touch L beside (5-6)
&7-8Jump L side (&), touch R beside (7-8)

S2: Step Heel Grind (x2); Syncopated Reverse Weave, Step, Brush
&1-2Step R (&), touch L heel forward (1) and fan left side (2)
&3-4Step L(&), touch R heel forward (3) and fan right side (4);
(Use momentum of fanning R to ronde behind L to begin 5&6.)
5&6Step R behind L (5), step L side (&), step R across L (6)
7-8Step L side (7), brush R across L (8)
Option for &1-2 and &3-4: Touch toes instead of touch heel
Option(s) for 7-8: kick, scuff or hitch

S3: Crossing Triple, 1/4 Turn; Forward Triple, ½ Turn Pivot
1&2Crossing triple left side RLR (1&2)
3-4Step L side turning ¼ right (3), step R forward (4);
5&6Forward tripple LRL (5&6)
7-8Step R behind L (7); turning ½ right keeping weight on R (8)

S4: ¼ Turn Step Hold; 1/2 Turn Step Hold
1-2-3-4Step L side (1), step R turning ¼ right (2), step L forward (3), hold (4);
5-6-7-8Step R forward (5), step L turning ½ left (6), step R forward (7), hold (8) (facing 6:00)
S5: Rock Recover Step Across, 1/2 Turn Step Hitch; Step Touch, Step Touch
1&2Rock L side (1), recover R (&), step L across R (2)
3-4Step R turning ¼ right (3), hitch L turning ¼ right keeping weight on R (4)¬;
5-6-7-8Step L side (5), touch R beside (6), step R side (7), touch L beside (8)

S6: Rock Recover Step Across, 1/2 Turn Step Hitch; Hip Bumps
1&2Repeat 1&2 in S5
3-4Repeat 3-4 in S5;
5&6Bump hip L side (5), bump hip R side (&), bump hip L side (6)
7-8Bump hip R side (7); Bump hip L side (8)

S7: 1/8 Turn Kick Ball Change, Rock Recover, Walk Back (x4)
1-2Kick R forward turning 1/8 right (1), step R (&), step L beside (2)
3-4Rock R forward (3), recover L (4);
5-6-7-8Walk back RLRL (5-6-7-8)
Option for 5-6-7-8: Moonwalk (x4)

S8: 1/8 Turn Bunny Hops (in arc) (x2), Walks (in arc) (x4);
Entire section is a wide, almost full circle ending at 6:00.
&1-2Jump R forward turning 1/8 right (&), touch L beside (1), hold (2)
&3-4Jump L forward turning 1/8 right (&), touch R beside (3), hold (4);
5-6-7-8Walk (in arc) RLRL (end facing 6:00)
Option for 5-6-7-8: Walk with knee pops

Begin dance again.


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