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Ain't Misbehavin' (For Beginners)

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Pam Sherrod (USA) - January 2016
Misbehavin' - Pentatonix : (Album: Pentatonix - Deluxe Edition - 2015)
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#8 count lead-in

(1 - 8) Right Step-Slide-Step, Touch, Left Step-Slide-Step, Touch
1-4Step R to right diagonal, Slide L next to R, Step R forward, Touch L next to R
5-8Step L to left diagonal, Slide R next to L, Step L forward, Touch R next to L
(For styling, as you step-slide-step, do “shovels” with your arms, also known as “shoops”)

(9 – 16) Repeat Steps 1 - 8

(17 – 24) Lindy to the Right, Lindy to the Left
1-4Shuffle to the right (R-L-R), rock back on the L, rock forward on the R
5-8Shuffle to the left (L-R-L), rock back on the R, rock forward on the L
(For styling, as you do the rock-recovers, sweep your hands down and back up)

(25 – 32) Back Right Diagonal, Touch, Back Left Diagonal, Touch (x2)
1-4Step R back at R diagonal, Touch L next to R, Step L back at L diagonal, Touch R next to L
5-8Step R back at R diagonal, Touch L next to R, Step L back at L diagonal, Touch R next to L
(On the first two rotations, while the music is soft, snap (click) your fingers on the touches;
Starting on Wall 3, the music gets louder, so clap on the touches)

(33 – 40) Right Step-Lock-Step, Brush, Left Step-Lock-Step, Brush
1-4Step R forward, Slide L behind R, Step R forward, Brush the L foot
5-8Step L forward, Slide R behind L, Step L forward, Brush the R foot
(For styling, angle the lock steps to the right and left diagonals)

(41 - 48) Right Toe-Strutting Jazz Box Turning ¼ Right
1-4Cross R toe over L foot, Drop heel down, Touch L toe back, Drop heel down
5-8Turn ¼ right and touch R toe, Drop heel down, Touch L toe forward, Drop heel down

Tag: On Wall 7 (6:00), skip the first 16 counts and do the next 16 counts (the lindy right and left and the back-touches with claps). That’s the end of the tag – now do the dance from the beginning, still on Wall 7 (6:00).

Wall 8: On Wall 8 (9:00), skip the first 16 counts and do the rest of the dance to the Ending.

Ending: Dance ends at the front (12:00) – Just touch your R heel forward and slightly to the right and make an umpire’s “Safe!” motion with your hands. (This means crossing your hands at waist height, palms down, and then sweeping them apart, still palms down, so that your hands end up at waist height at approximately 45⁰ angles to your body.)



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