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Improver / Intermediate
Nicola Lafferty (UK) - February 2016
Tell Me I'm the One - Jennifer Day : (Album: The Fun Of Your Love)
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Count In: 16 Count Intro

Note: There is one restart – after 8 counts on Wall 3. See below.

[1-8] Side, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, ½ Turn, R Basic, Sways
1,2&Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to R side
3,4&Cross Rock LF over RF, Recover weight to RF, make ½ turn over L shoulder stepping LF fwd (face 6.00)
5,6&Step RF a large step to R side, Close LF to RF, Step RF a small step across LF
7,8&Sway to body to L, Sway body R, L
*Restart here on Wall 3

[9-16] Side, Cross Rock, Recover x 2, ½ Walk around, ½ Turn
1,2&Step RF to R side, cross rock LF over RF recover weight to RF
3,4&Step LF to L side, cross rock RF over LF, recover weight to LF
5,6&7Making a semi-circle ½ turn to face 12.00, walk RF (5), walk LF (6), walk RF (&), walk LF (7)
8&Step RF fwd, ½ pivot turn to L (taking weight to LF) (face 6.00)

[17-24] Nightclub Diamond, Rock Recover with arm circle
1,2&Step RF to R side, making 1/8 turn L to face 4.30, Step LF back, Step RF back
3,4&Making 1/8 turn L to face 3.00, Step LF to L side, Making 1/8 turn L to face 1.30, Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd
5,6&Making 1/8 turn L to face 12.00, Step RF to R sidem making 1/8 turn L to face 10.30, Step LF back, Step RF back
7Make 1/8 turn L to square up to the 3.00 wall as you rock LF to L side (*optional arm: circle L arm and look to 6.00 as you rock)
8Make ¼ turn R taking weight to RF (face 12.00)

[25-32] Walk, Step ½ Pivot, Step, ½ Pivot, L Nightclub basic, Lunge
1,2&Step LF fwd, Step RF fwd, ½ Pivot turn to L (face 6.00)
3,4&Step RF fwd, Step LF fwd, ½ Pivot turn to R (face 12.00)
5,6&Step LF a large step to L side, Close Rf to LF, Step LF a small step across RF
7Lunge RF to R side
8Take weight to LF as you make a ½ turn to L, collect RF beside LF


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