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Little Fiesta

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Kate Simpkin (AUS) - March 2016
Como Te Quiero Mi Amor - El Símbolo
Quiero - Zàira
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#32 Count Intro

Side Together Shuffle Right Cross Rock Shuffle Left
1 2Step R to R side, Step L beside R
3&4Step R to R side Step L beside R Step R to R side
5 6Cross L over R replace R
7&8Step L to L side Step R beside L Step L to L side

Vine Left Cross Points
1 - 4Step R behind Step L to L side Step R across L Step L side
5 - 8Step R across L and point L to left side, Step L across R and point R to right side

Rock Right Forward Shuffle Right Back , Shuffle Left Forward
1 2Rock R fwd replace L
3 & 4Step R back Step L beside R Step R back
5 6Step L back replace R
7 & 8Step L fwd Step R beside L Step L fwd

Pivot 1/2 Pivot 1/4 Jazz Box
1 2Step R fwd, ½ turn L
3 4Step R fwd ¼ L
5 6 7 8Cross R over L, Step L back, Step R to R side Step L beside R


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Sir Dancelot March 8, 2016
Nice Choreography Kate, but with all due respect, this song was given to me last year by the producer, who asked me to choreograph the official dance to this song. It is called QUIERO. I'm sure you knew that since I sent it to you when it was first released. It was a Huge Hit for us with more than 100 videos on Youtube. You can see many of them right here on the Copperknob site.

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