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EZ Girl Crush

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Bobbey Willson (USA) - March 2016
Girl Crush - Little Big Town
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Intro is 8 beats, Begin on the word “girl”

S 1: Sways RL Shuffle-fwd RLR, Sweeps back
1 2 3&4Sway right, Sway left, Step R fwd, Step L to R, Step R fwd
5 6Step L fwd, Push off with L and Recover on R and sweep L towards back
7 8Step L back and push off with R, Sweep R towards back

S 2: R Step-back, 1/4left Chasse right, Skates-back LR, Coaster
1 2Step R back, Recover on L (begin 1/4 left turn for chasse)
3&4Finish 1/4 left and step R to right, Step L to R, Step R to right (9:00)
5 6Step L back to diag, Step R back to diag (bend knees like skating)
7&8Step L back, Step R to L, Step L fwd

S 3: Step-bump&Bumps R L, Triple fwd 1/4left RLR , Sway Sway
1 2 3 4Step R fwd w/ hip bump, Bump right hip, Step L fwd w/ hip bump, Bump left hip
5&6Turning 1/4 left: Step R fwd, Step L to R, Step R to right (6:00)
7 8Step L to left and sway hips, Shift wt to R w/ sway

S 4: Triple w/1/4left LRL, Finish Rolling Vine left, Exaggerated R/o 1/4 right Jazzbox
1&2Turning 1/4 left: Step L to left, Step R to L, Step L fwd (3:00)
3 4Turn 1/2 left and step R back, Turn 1/4 left and step L to left (6:00)
5 6Cross R over L, Step L long back
7 8Turn 1/4 right and step R wide to right, Step L wide to left (with sway) (9:00)

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WillB March 2, 2016
I've had this on the back burner for a couple of months and chose to not add to the multitude of dances already posted for this song. When asked for a Beginner dance for Girl Crush it was easy for me to say - sure, here it is! I hope that perhaps this will allow a split floor for those beginners who want to enjoy this great song by Little Big Town.

Micaela March 8, 2016

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