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A Country High

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Low Intermediate
Norman Gifford (USA) - March 2016
High on a Country Song - Sam Riggs
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"First Place at Worlds 2017 - in Line Dance Choreography Country Int/Adv"

S1: (Step forward, kick, coaster-step, pivot turn ½ right, shuffle-step)
1-2Left step forward; right kick forward
3&4Right step back; left together; right step forward
5-6Left step forward; pivot turn ½ right [6:00]
7&8Shuffle steps forward (LRL)

S2: (Kick, kick, triple-step, kick, kick, triple-step)
1-2Right kick forward; right kick to the side
3&4Triple step in place (RLR)
5-6Left kick forward; left kick to the side
7&8Triple step in place (LRL)

S3: (Modified heel-jack steps)
1-2Right step side; left behind
&3Right step back diagonal; left heel tap forward diagonal
&4Left step together; right crossover
5-6Left step side; right behind
&7Left step back diagonal; right heel tap forward diagonal
&8Right step together; left crossover

S4: (Turn ½ left, step side, cross-lock-step, side-rock, behind-side-cross)
1-2Right step side turning ½ left; left step side [12:00]
3&4Right crossover; left lock-step side; right step crossed over
5-6Left rock side; right replace
7&8Left behind, right step side; left crossover

S5: (Side-rock, cross-lock-step, side-rock, cross-lock-step)
(You should move slightly forward on these patterns)
1-2Right rock side; left replace
3&4Right crossover; left lock behind; right step crossed over
5-6Left rock side; right replace
7&8Left crossover; right lock behind; left step crossed over

S6: (Side-ball-changes, clap, clap, heel switches, clap, clap)
1&Right toe point side; right together
2&Left toe point side; left together
3&4Right toe point side; clap; clap
&Right together
5&Left heel touch forward; left together
6&Right heel touch forward; right together
7&8Left heel touch forward; clap; clap

S7: Step, brush, pivot turn ½ left, shuffle-steps forward, kick-ball-change)
1-2Left step forward; right brush forward
3-4Right step forward; pivot turn ½ left [6:00]
5&6Shuffle steps forward (RLR)
7&8Kick-ball-change (LLR)

S8: (Cross-rock, replace, triple-step, cross-rock, replace, triple-step)
1-2Left cross-rock; right replace
3&4Triple step in place (LRL)
5-6Right cross-rock; left replace
7&8Triple step in place (RLR)


Contact: nlgifford@yahoo.coom

Last Update - 11th Jan 2017


Stokies March 10, 2016
Nice work Norman.. This one's going in on our repertoire Love the track and your dance

Victoria and The Gang

Kato June 19, 2016
This is such a popular dance - it's everyone's current favourite. Sure to be a 'classic'.

Sassy Stepper November 18, 2016
I made this our country Dance Of The Month this month so everyone would have a chance to learn this fun dance. We are all enjoying it and many tanks Norman for another great dance!

Sherri B

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