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Complicated Lady

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Helena Davies (UK) - March 2016
Moody Blue - Elvis Presley
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Intro…8 Counts:

[1-8] Modified Rumba Box:
1-4Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R fwd, Touch L beside R
5-8Step L to L side, Step R beside L, Step L fwd, Touch R behind L

[1-8] 1/2 Turn L, Touch, 1/4 Turn R, Sway:
1-4Make 1/2 turn L stepping back R, L, R, Touch L behind R
5-8Step L into 1/4 turn R, Sway L, R, L, Hold

[1-8] Kick-Step X2, R Coaster:
1-2Kick R fwd to R diagonal, Step R back behind L
3-4Kick L fwd to L diagonal, Step L back behind R
5-8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R fwd, Hold

[1-8] Sweep, Rock-Recover, Sweep, Right Coaster 1/4 Turn L, Hold:
1-4Sweep L fwd across R, Rock-step R to R side, Recover on L, Hold
5-8Sweep R behind L, Step L 1/4 turn L, Step R slightly fwd, Hold

[1-8] Rock-Recover, Step-Click, Step-Click X2 With Full Turn R & Clicks:
1-4Rock-step L fwd, Recover on R, Step L back, Click fingers
5-8Making full turn R - Step R back, Click fingers, Step L back, Click fingers
(Easy alternative: walk back R, click, walk back L, click)

[1-8] R Coaster, Hold, Rock-Recover, Step, Hold:
1-4Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R fwd, Hold
5-8Rock-step L across R, Recover on R, Step L beside R, Hold

[1-8] Run X3, Flick, Run X3, Hold:
1-4Run fwd R, L, R, Flick L back (optional: Look over L shoulder on flick & say ‘woo’)
5-8Run fwd L, R, L, Hold

[1-8] Hitch-Step X2, R Coaster, Step:
1-4Hitch R, Step R back, Hitch L, Step L back
5-8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R fwd, Step L beside R

TAG: At end of 2nd wall - facing front - add the following 4 counts:-
1-4Rock-step R to R side, Recover on L, Touch R beside L, Hold

Submitted by - johnny Sheehan:


magpiesx2 March 19, 2016
Great dance. Can be done to so many different songs.

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