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My Oh My

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Wendy Loh (MY) - March 2016
My Oh My - Girls' Generation
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Sequence of Dance : Intro, AAB, AAB, ABB

INTRO (16 counts)
12Step RF to side, Touch LF beside RF
34Step LF to side, Touch RF beside LF
&5Touch RF forward & raise R hip, Drop R hip
&6Raise & Drop R hip
&7&8Repeat Steps 6&

Repeat steps

PART A (32 counts)
Section A1: Kick Ball Point, Hip Roll, L Back Coaster, Prissy Walk RL
1&2Kick RF forward, Step RF beside LF, Touch LF forward
34Roll L hip from front to back
5&6Step LF back, Step RF together, Step LF forward
78Walk forward RF, LF (12:00)

Section A2: Big Step to R, Touch, L Hip Lift & Drop, Mirror Steps to L side
12Step RF to side & Drag LF together, Touch LF beside RF
34Raise (3) & Drop L hip (4)
56Step LF to side & Drag RF together, Touch RF beside LF
78Raise (7) & Drop R hip (12:00)

Section A3: Step Back, ½ L Step, Together, Bend Knee, Push Hip Back, Kick Ball Point R then L
1&Step RF back, Turn ½ L & Step LF forward (6:00)
2Step RF together
34Bend both knees, Straighten both knees & push hip back
5&6Kick RF forward, Step RF beside LF, Touch LF to side
7&8Kick LF forward, Step LF beside RF, Touch RF to side

Section A4: R Step, Hitch, L Step, Hitch, Toe Struts R, then L
12Step RF forward, Hitch LF beside R knee
34Step LF back, Hitch RF beside L knee
56Touch RF forward, Replace RF (Slightly push hip out to R)
78Touch LF forward, Replace LF (Slightly push hip out to L) (6:00)

PART B (48 counts)
Section B1 : Head roll, R Step Forward, ¼ R Step Together, Pose & Hold
1234Close RF together & Turn head slowly anti-clockwise
56Step RF together, Turn ¼ R & Step LF together (3:00)
78Slightly bend both knees and pose
(Styling : LH on L hip & RH on right temple of head, head look up)

Section B2: ¼ R & Hip Bumps RLRLRL, Hip Roll from L to R
12Turn ¼ R & Step RF to side and at the same time push hip to R then L (6:00)
3456Alternate hip bumps RL RL
78Make a big hip roll from L to R turning anti-clockwise

Section B3: R Step, Brush, L Step Brush, Turn ¼ R & Repeat Steps
12Step RF beside LF, Brush LF beside RF
34Step LF beside RF, Brush RF beside LF
56Turn ¼ R & Step RF to side, Brush LF beside RF (9:00)
78Repeat Steps 3,4

Section B4: ¼ R Step, Kick, L Step, Kick, Step, Ronde, Step Back
12Turn ¼ R & Step RF forward, Kick LF to side (12:00)
34Step LF in front of RF, Kick RF to side
5Touch RF in front of LF
67Ronde RF from side to back
8Step RF back & Sit on R hip, LF touch in place

Section B5: Paddle to R making a ¾ turn, Shift weight
12Step LF, Turn ¼ R with weight on RF (3:00)
34Repeat Steps 12 (6:00)
56Repeat Steps 12 (9:00)
78Shift weight to LF & Touch RF

Section B6: Paddle to L making a ½ turn, Shift weight
12Step RF in place, Turn 1/8 L with weight on LF
34Repeat Steps 1,2 (6:00)
56Repeat Steps 1,2
78Shift weight to RF & Touch LF (3:00)
&Turn ¼ L & Step LF beside RF 12:00)



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