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Baila Mi Rumba

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Improver / Intermediate
Bobbey Willson (USA) & BM Leong (MY) - April 2016
Baila Mi Rumba - Foncho : (Album: Music Hit Factory Top Ten)
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Intro : 64 counts, you can Begin at beat 33 with “oh, oh, oh” (approx 14 seconds in)
NOTE: If you use 2TeamDJs Remix, Intro is much longer, still begin at beat 33

S 1: Right Side Mambo, Hip Bumps, Left Side Mambo, Hip Bumps
1&2Rock R to right side, Recover onto L, Step R beside L
3 4Bump hips to left side, Bump hips to right side
5&6Rock L to left side, Recover onto R, Step L beside R
7 8Bump hips to right side, Bump hips to left side

S 2: Back ChaCha, Back-Rock Rec, Triple 1/2 turn right, Back-Rock Rec
1&2Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R back
3 4Rock L back , Recover onto R
5&6Turn 1/4 right and step L to left side, Step weight onto R, Turn 1/4 right and step L back
7 8Rock R back, Recover onto L

S 3: Sync Right Diag Forward ChaCha Hold, Sync Left Diag Forward Cha Cha Hold
1 2Step R forward to right diagonal, Hold
&3 4Step L beside R, Step R forward to right diagonal, Hold & clap
5 6Step L forward to left diagonal, Hold
&7 8Step R beside L, Step L forward to left diagonal, Hold & clap 2x

S 4: Merengue to Right Side Touch L beside R, Sync Left Vine Unwind 1/4 left
1 2 3 4Step R to right side , Step L beside R, Step R to right, Touch L beside R
5 6Step L to left side, Cross R behind L
&7 8Step L beside R, Cross R over L, Unwind ¼ turn left and shift weight to L

Repeat, Enjoy!

My appreciation to Bm Leong is bigger than the distance from his home to mine.
He shares his passion with his assistants, his students, with all of us all over the world through his videos.
I am grateful that he extended this passion to working with me.
Thank you!

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way.
If you would like to use on your website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact details on this script.
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Last Update – 28th April 2016


WillB April 8, 2016
Would love to see a video of this! A bit of a sexy cardio rumba :-)

Micaela April 29, 2016
Nice 😊

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