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Dancing Kizomba

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), David Hoyn (AUS), Rebecca Lee (MY), Yeo Yu Puay (MY), Lily Iguchi (JP), Tomohiro Iizuka (JP) & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) - April 2016
Dancing Kizomba by Aliz Velix (Spanish version)
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] Forward, Side Rock Cross, Side Rock, Forward Rock, Back, Coaster Cross
1,2&3Step Right forward(1), Rock Left to the left(2), Recover weight onto Right(&), Cross Left over Right(3)
4&5&Rock Right to right(4), Recover weight onto Left(&), Rock Right forward(5), Recover weight onto Left(&)
6,7&8Step Right back(6), Step Left back(7), Step Right beside Left(&), Cross a Left over Right(8)

[9-16] Forward, Half Pivot Step, Forward, Rocking Chair, Forward Shuffle (all moving in the diagonal)
1,2&3Turning 1/8 right, step Right forward toward 1.30(1), Step Left forward(2), Turn 1/2 right, shifting weight to Right to face 7.30(&), Step Left forward(3)
4,5&6&Step Right forward(4), Rock Left forward(5), Recover weight onto Right(&), Rock Left back(6), Recover weight onto Right(&)
7&8Shuffle forward on Left(7), Right(&), Left(8)

[17-24] Forward, Sweep 5/8 turn, Behind side cross, Touch, Side Touches with Body Roll
1Step Right forward into 7.30, sweep Left back to turn 5/8 left to face 12.00(1)
2&3,4Step Left behind Right(2), Step Right to right(&), Cross Left over Right(3), Touch Right toe to the right(4)
5,6Step Right with body roll to right side(5), Touch Left in place (6)
7,8Step Left with body roll to left side(7), Touch Right in place (8)

[25-32] Ball Cross Side, 1/4 Sailor Step, Kick-Ball Step, Pivot Full Turn, Touch
&1,2Step Right beside Left (&), Cross Left over Right (1), Step Right to right (2)
3&4¼ turn L Step Left behind Right(3), Step Right to right(&) , Step Left forward (4)
5&6Kick Right forward (5), Step Right beside Left(&) Step Left forward (6)
7&8Step Right forward (7), full turn left (&), Touch Right toe to the right(8)
Easier Option for 7&8: Rock Right forward(7), Recover weight onto Left(&), Touch Right beside Left(8)

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slick September 13, 2017
We like to do this dance to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

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