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Dancing On The Ceiling

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Absolute Beginner
Debbie Hogg (UK) - April 2016
Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Ritchie
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Alternative Track on iTunes and Amazon: 'Dancing On The Ceiling' by Nick Wells.
When using this track the easy 4 count Tag is done after wall 9, the wall he sings 'round and round'
(where you can turn the toe struts full turn to the right to remind you where the Tag comes in).

3 Walks Forward, Hitch, Step Touches
1.2.3Walks forward X3 (R,L,R)
4Hitch L
5.6Step L side, touch RF beside LF
7.8Step R side, touch LF beside RF

Walk to Left Side, Touch, Walk to Right Side, Close
1.2.3Step LF to L side, Step RF across LF, Step LF to L side
4Touch RF beside LF
5.6.7Step RF to R side, Step LF across RF, Step RF to R side
8Step LF beside RF

4 X Toe Struts Travelling Backwards with Finger Clicks
1.2Step back on ball of RF, Drop heel of RF to floor clicking fingers
3.4Step back on ball of LF, Drop heel of LF to floor clicking fingers
5.6Step back on ball of RF, Drop heel of RF to floor clicking fingers
7.8Step back on ball of LF, Drop heel of LF to floor clicking fingers

Rock Back RF, Recover, Step Forward RF, ½ Pivot Turn Left, Jazz Box
1.2Rock back on RF, Recover weight onto LF
3.4Step forward RF, ½ pivot turn to L
5.6Cross step RF over LF, Step back on LF
7.8Step RF to R side, Step LF beside RF.

Tag: After 6th wall, easy to hear as 6th wall is an instrumental. Will be facing front:
Hip Bumps X4
1-4Step RF to R side with hip bump, hip bump L, Hip bump R, Hip bump L (weight ends on L).

Last Update - 7th Nov. 2017


two left paws April 22, 2016
Love watching happy confident people dancing , makes me want to get up and put my dancing shoe,s on , thank you for putting a spring in my step xxx

Dancindebs April 22, 2016
Thank you for your lovely comment :-) xxx

Curly shocker April 26, 2016
Would love to do this!!

Dancindebs April 26, 2016
If you are on a mobile or iPad you may not be able to open some of the videos. You will be able to view my second video which although only 17 seconds long gives you an idea of what it's like. Thanks for looking. xx

3rdPosition! May 3, 2016
I just LOVE watching you dance, so much energy and spunk! Makes me wanna get up and dance!!

Stokies May 5, 2016
Hi Deb.
Just the dance I need today. Lively,Fun and achievable. I am starting a twice a month social with a little teach for newcomers.
The venue has been run for many years by a legend in our area.The lady has been poorly for sometime but continued for the love of her dancers.Last week she had an horrific accident and is now in The Birmingham Burns Unit we are all praying for her speedy recovery.
Thank you for dance..Lets not forget the dancers who just want a bit of fun

Love and Best Wishes VICTORIA and THE GANG

Dancindebs May 5, 2016
Thank you so much for your messages and sending healing vibes for the lady in the Birmingham Burns Unit. I do hope she recovers soon and so pleased my little absolute dance has made people happy. Thank you. xxx

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