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So Just Dance Dance Dance !

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Guillaume Richard (FR) - May 2016
CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! - Justin Timberlake
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[1-8]: Samba Step- Cross - 1/4 turn Step Backward & Step Back - Walk Backward
1&2Cross RF over LF - Step LF to L - Step RF diagonally forward
3&4Cross LF over RF - Make 1/4 turn L stepping RF backward - Step LF backward
5-6Step RF backward - Step LF backward
7-8Step RF backward - Step LF backward
(Option, 5 to 8 : Skate backward)

[9-16] : Coaster Step - Full Turn - Side Rock L - Side Rock R
1&2Step RF backward - Step LF next to RF - Step RF forward
3-4Make 1/2 turn R stepping LF backward - Make 1/2 turn R stepping RF forward
5-6Rock LF to L - Recover to R
&7-8Step LF next RF - Rock RF to R - Recover to L

[17-24] : 1/2 turn Sailor Step - Shuffle Forward - Paddle Turn x3 - 1/4 turn Flick
1&2Cross RF behind LF - Make 1/2 turn R stepping LF to L - Step RF forward
3&4Step LF forward - Step RF next to LF - Step LF forward
5-6Make 1/4 turn L point RF to R - Make 1/4 turn L point RF to R
7-8Make 1/4 turn L point RF to R - 1/4 turn L Flick RF

[25-32] : Shuffle Forward - Step 1/2 turn Step - Skate x2 - Kick Ball Step
1&2Step RF forward - Step LF next to RF - Step RF forward
3&4Step LF forward - Make 1/2 turn R stepping RF forward - Step LF forward
5-6Skate RF forward - Skate LF forward
7&8Kick RF forward - Recover on RF ball - Step LF forward

Restart : On wall 5, after 16 counts facing 9:00

Tag : After wall, 11 do the next 4 counts
1-2Stretch L hand and look to L
3-4Stretch R hand and look to R


26 APR '18 50


Lighthouse Lil May 18, 2016
Some Great Choreography here , I'd already outlined " The Queen " as my track and dance of the year and here we go again ...loving it ...Russell Smith .Line Advance Warrington U.K.

Lighthouse Lil May 19, 2016
Taught last night May 18th , cracking dance this , I predict it will be the Summer Dance 2016 , got my dancers really fired up , the French Novice for ability level doesn't correspond with Beginner , it really means easy intermediate ....give it a go ,its really good fun . Russell Smith .Line Advance .Warrington U.K.

Stokies May 21, 2016
I think you may be right LighthouseLil. We did this excellent little dances last night and everyone enjoyed it.Chose this dance to The highly popular Justin Timberlake track because it looked the most interesting and different for such little effort. Most dancer can achieve this level so expecting this to be a real big favourite.
Good luck to Jose and Guillaume with this one..
Victoria and The Gang

JeanneG May 22, 2016
Loving this easy intermediate dance. Thank you Jose and Guillaume for the great choreography.

Happy Feeet May 26, 2016
Jose and Guillaume did it again. Fun and sassy version of this world wide known song of J.T. Happy Feet had a ball learning this dance.

Sassy Stepper May 30, 2016
Really having fun with this snappy little dance. Think it will be around for a long time. Great choreography and many thanks to the both of you!

Sas June 1, 2016
Taught this dance last week and they all loved it! Well done!

tessi June 2, 2016
Great job ! 5 Stars !

LineDancerEric September 5, 2016
What a great dance! I taught it to a large group and they loved it!

Micaela October 24, 2016
Very nice dance-Love it and will teach it tomorrow. 5 stars of course
Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

BrittnyLynnLineDance December 22, 2016
HUGE hit at the places I teach and dance at! Gets requested for lessons constantly! The dance can be a bit tricky at first for beginners but once you get it, it is so fun!!

claudia f February 1, 2017
woooohooooo and the winner is .............. well done guys

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