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Would I Lie To You

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Roxanne Moates (AUS) & Bill Larson (AUS) - May 2016
Would I Lie to You - Charles & Eddie : (CD: 101 90's Hits - 4:37)
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Turning CCW – 3 Restarts
Weight on Left, Start 32 counts in on the word “Look into my eyes” (20 seconds) V1 - 10.5.2016

S1. Step, Forward Rock, Lock Step Back, Step Turn, Behind Side Cross
1Walk forward onto R
2,3Step forward onto L, Rock/Recover back onto R
4&5Step back on L, Cross R in front of L, Step back on L
6,7Step back onto R, turning 1/4 R Rock weight onto L (3:00)
8&1Cross R behind L, Step L to side, Cross R over L

S2. Side Rock, Chasse Side, Hold, Ball Cross Shuffle
2,3Step L to left side, Rock weight back onto R
4&5Shuffle to left side: Stepping L, R, L (big step on last count)
6&Hold, Step onto ball of R to centre
7&8Cross Shuffle to right side: Stepping L, R, L ** Restarts 1&2
(On walls 2 & 4 dance 16 counts then adding 1/4 turn R restart facing 12:00)

S3. Turn Turn, Sailor Turn, Step Touch, Step, Mambo Forward
1,2turning 1/4 R Step forward onto R (6:00) Step L to left side turning 1/4 R (9:00)
3&4while turning 1/8 R Sailor Step: R, L, R (10:30) *** Restart 3
(On wall 7 dance 18 counts then add sailor 1/4 R to face 6:00, adding (&) Step L beside R to start again)
5,6Step forward on L, Touch R beside L
7Step forward on R
8&1Step forward on L, Rock back onto R, Step back on L

S4. Back Turn, Step Lock Step, Step Pivot 3/8 R, Cross Samba Turn
2,3Step back onto R, turning 1/2 L Step forward onto L (4:30)
4&5Step R forward, Lock Step L up to R, Step R forward
6,7Step L forward, Pivot 3/8 R (weight on R 9:00)
8&1Cross/Step L over R, Step R to side, turning 1/8 L Step L slightly to side (7:00)

S5. Walk Walk, Mambo Turn, Step Spiral Full Turn, Step Side Cross
2,3Step forward on R, L
4&5Step forward on R, Rock back onto L turning 1/2 R Step forward onto R (2:00)
6,7Step L forward, Spiral full turn R (2:00)
8&1Step R forward, turning 1/8 R Step L to side, (3:00) Cross / Step R over L (3:00)

S6. Side Together, Step Lock Step, Side Turn, Cross 1/4 R Turn 1/4 R Turn
2,3Step L to side, Step R beside L
4&5Step L forward, Lock Step R up to L, Step L forward
6,7Step R to side, turning 1/4 L Step L to side (12:00)
8&1Cross / Step R over L, turning 1/4 R Step back on L (3:00) turning 1/4 R Step forward on R (6:00)

S7. Forward Recover, Coaster Step, Skate Skate, Step Pivot 1/2 L, 1/4 L Side
2,3Step forward on L, Recover back onto R
4&5Step back on L, Step R beside L, Step forward onto L
6,7Skate forward R, L
8&1Step R forward, Pivot turn 1/2 L Step forward on L (12:00) turning 1/4 L Step R to side (9:00)

S8. Rock / Sway, Shuffle Side, Cross Recover, Shuffle side 1/4 L Turn
2Rock / Sway weight onto the L
3&4Shuffle R Side: Stepping R, L R
5,6Cross / Step L over R, Recover weight onto R
7&8Shuffle L side: Stepping L, R, with a 1/4 turn L Step forward on L (6:00)

Contacts: Roxanne Moates ( & Bill Larson (


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