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Jackie Miranda (USA) - June 2016
Blessed - Elton John
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Dance starts after 32 count intro

Set 1: Side Step Rock Behind Recover, Diagonal Shuffle, Cross Rock Recover Side Shuffle ¼ Turn
1-3Step R to R side, rock L behind R, recover on R
4&5Shuffle to the diagonal wall L, R, L
6-7Cross rock R over L, recover on L
8&1Side shuffle R, L, R to R side turning ¼ turn R on count 1

Set 2: Step Forward ¼ Turn Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn Cross Step
2-3Step forward on L, turn ¼ R stepping down on R to R side
4&5Cross shuffle L, R, L
6-8Step back on R into ¼ turn L, turn ¼ turn L stepping L to L side (you will have completed a ½ turn), cross R over L (weight on R)

Set 3: Diagonal Rock Recover Behind Side Cross, Diagonal Rock Recover Behind Side Step Forward
1-2Diagonal rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4Step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R (as you turn to R diagonal)
5-6Diagonal rock forward on R, recover on L
7&8Step R behind L, step L to L side, step forward on R

Set 4: Rock Forward Recover, Rock Side Recover, Rock Back, ¾ Turn
1-4Rock forward on L, recover on R, rock L to L side, recover on R
5-8Rock back on L, recover on R, make a ¼ turn R stepping back on L, turn ½ turn R stepping forward on R (you will have completed a ¾ turn)

Set 5: Rock Forward Recover Step Lock Back, Step Lock Back, Rock Back Recover Forward
1-2Rock forward on L, recover on R
3&4Step lock back L, R, L
5&6Step lock back R, L, R
7-8Rock back on L, recover forward on R

Set 6: Step Forward Sweep ¼ Turn, Step Sweep Forward, Cross, Step Back, Long Side Step Slide, Flick
1-2Step forward on L, sweep R into ¼ turn L (count 2)
3-4Cross step down on R over L (count 3), sweep L forward over R (count 4)
5-8Cross step down L over R (count 5), step back on R, take a long step slide to L on L, flick R behind L

(There will be a one time 4 count Tag that will occur here the 2nd time you come to the back wall as follows:
1-4Sway R , hold, sway L hold
Then start the dance again )

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Contact: 535 Maggie Mack Lane, Sevierville TN 37862 (951) 756-4451
Email: - Website:
Submitted By: raymond sarlemijn

Last Update - 3rd June 2016


jacaranda June 3, 2016
Hello, there is a typo at the end of the first sheet apologies! I have submitted a corrected sheet... the correct step for the ending: sweep into a 1/4 LEFT. The video is correct :-) Hope you enjoy dancing " Blessed ". Thank you!

jacaranda June 6, 2016
Hello all, the step sheet has been updated and is correct :-) Thank you!

Happy Feeet November 20, 2016
Thank you, Jackie. You are always as graceful, as beautiful a dancer as ever, taught it to class last Thursday. Everyone loved it, didn’t make it to Vegas this year but you are right at home with us watching your demo. MAHALO from Hawaii.

Line Dancer November 21, 2016
Love this dance. When my students came back from your event, they told me this was their favorite dance of the event

Line Dancer November 21, 2016
Love this dance. When my students came back from your event, they told me this was their favorite dance of the event

coline February 1, 2017
Lovely dance

Miss Evergreen March 15, 2017
We lobe doing this dance in our classes here in South Shropshire in the UK.

Micaela October 3, 2017
Taught it today and it was received well.
Love it

daddyatty November 14, 2017
absolutely love it. going to teach it tonight. flows really well to the fab track by elton john

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