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A Gambler's Tale EZ (aka Deal Is Done)

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Timothy To (CAN) & Theresina Tam (CAN) - June 2016
The Gambler (Robert Wilsdon Remix) - Kenny Rogers
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** Special dedication to all the dancers at ANAF **

#8 counts intro

[1 – 8] Right heel hook, right forward shuffle, left heel hook, left forward shuffle
1,2,3&4Right heel forward (1), hook across left front (2), step right forward (3), step left next to right (&), step forward on right (4).
5.6.7&8Left heel forward (5), hook across right front (6), step left forward (7), step right next to left (&), step forward on left (8).

[9 – 16] Rock right recover, ½ turn right shuffle, Left rocking chair
1,2,3&4Step forward on right (1), recover on left (2), step ¼ turn right (3), step left next to right (&), step ¼ turn right (4).
5-8Step forward on left (5), recover on right (6), rock back on left (7) recover on right (8).

[17 – 24] Vine to the left with a touch, two side touches
1-4Step left to left side (1) step right behind left (2) step left to left side (3) touch right next to left (4)
5-8step right to right (5) touch left next to right (6) step left to left (7) touch right next to left (8)

[25 – 32] Monterey ¼ Turn R, Right jazz box
1-4Point R toe to R(1), Bring R beside L(twist both heels to L making ¼ turn R)(2) point L toe to L(3), step L next to R (4)
5-8cross R over L (5) step back on L (6) step R to R side (7) step L next to R (8).

TAG 1: At the end of 2nd wall, facing 6 o’clock.
1 – 2Sway right, sway left

TAG 2: At the end of 4th wall, facing 12 o’clock
[1 – 6] Right side mambo, left side mambo, sway right left
1&2,3Rock right to right side (1), recover weight on left (&), step right next to left (2) Rock left to left side (3),
&4,5,6recover weight on right (&), step left next to right (4) Sway right (5), sway left (6)

Ending: Last wall on 9 o’clock make the last four counts, jazz box ¼ turn R to end in the front.



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