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Country Girl

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Absolute Beginner
Debbie Hogg (UK) - June 2016
Country Girl - Luke Bryan
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Weave to Right, Big Step to Right, Touch, Hip Bumps
1.2.3Grapevine to right
4Step LF across RF
5.6Big Step RF to R side, touch LF beside RF
7.8Hip Bumps to left X2

Weave to Left, Big Step to Left, Touch, Hip Bumps
1.2.3Grapevine to left
4Step RF across LF
5.6Big step LF to L side, touch RF beside LF
7.8Hip bumps to right X2

2X Steps forward with clap (Hip bumps optional), Box Step
1.2Step RF forward (Option to bump hips R,L,R), Hold with clap
3.4Step LF forward (Option to bump hips L,R,L), Hold with clap
5.6Step RF forward & out to R diagonal, Step LF forward & out to L diagonal
7.8Step RF back in place, Step LF beside RF

Jazz Box making ¼ Turn R, 2X Side Touches (Option: 2X Mambo side rocks)
1.2Step RF across LF, Step back on LF
3.4¼ turn R stepping RF to R side, Step LF beside RF
5.6Touch RF to R side, Step RF beside LF
(Option: 5&6 Rock RF to R side, Recover, Step RF beside LF)
7.8Touch LF to L side, Step LF beside RF
(Option: 7&8 Rock LF to L side, Recover, Step LF beside RF).


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