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When I Wake Up

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Edward Renouf (DE) - July 2016
When I Wake Up - Lions Head
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#2 Restarts.
*1st Restart on wall 4 (3 O´clock) after 16 counts
**2nd Restart on wall 9 (12 O´clock) after 16 counts

Intro after 16 counts

Sec 1: Walk forward, shuffle forward, rock recover shuffle back
1,2Walk forward right, left
3&4Step forward on right, step left next to right, step forward on right
5,6Rock forward on left, recover on right
7&8Step back on left, step right next to left, step back on left

Sec 2: Rock recover Chassee right, rock recover Chassee left
1,2Rock back on right, recover on left
3&4Step right to side , Close left beside right Step right to side
5,6Rock back on left, recover on right
7&8Step leftt to side , Close right beside left Step left to side

Sec 3: Rock recover, ½ shuffle turn back, rock recover ½ shuffle turn back
1,2Rock forward on right, recover on left
3&4Step back on right 1/4 turn right step left next to right, 1/4 turn right ---stepping forward on right
5.6Rock forward on left recover on right
7&8Step back on leftt 1/4 turn left step rightt next to left 1/4 turn left ---stepping forward on left

Sec 4: Grapevine right and touch, Grapevine left with ¼ turn left an touch
1,2,3,4Step Right to Right side, Step Left behind,Right, Step Right to Right side, Touch ---Left beside Right
5,6,7,8Step Left to Left side, Step Right behind Left, Step Left with ¼ turn to Left ---touch right beside left


Last Update – 26th July 2016


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