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Mojito Lite

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Bobbey Willson (USA) - August 2016
Mojito Lite - Mojito Lite : (Album: Uno Historia Para Todos)
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Begin on beat 17

S 1 {1-8} R Diag Step Lock, Shuffle Fwd Diag, L-Rock Rec, Coaster
1 2Step R to fwd diag, Step L behind R (1:30)
3&4Step R to fwd diag, Step L beside R, Step R to fwd diag
5 6Adjust to 12:00: Rock L fwd, Recover on R (12:00)
7&8Step L back, Step R beside L, Step L fwd

S 2 {9-16} R Mambo-fwd, Mambo-left, Step 1/2 Turn left Step, Step-Lock-Step fwd diag
1&2Rock R fwd, Recover on L, Step R slightly back
3&4Rock L to left, Recover on R, Step L slightly fwd
5 6Step R fwd, Turn 1/2 left and step L down (6:00)
7&8Step R to fwd diag., Step L behind R, Step R fwd to diag. (long steps here) (7:30)

S 3 {17-24} L-left Tog, Rolling Vine left, R-Rock-right Rec, Coaster
1 2Adjust to 6:00: Step L to left with sway, Step R beside L (bump right hip up) (6:00)
3&4Turn 1/4 left and step L fwd, Turn 1/2 left and step R back, Turn 1/4 left and step L to left
(steps small here –tight turn)
5 6Rock R to right with sway, Recover on L with hip bump
7&8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R fwd (still 6:00)

S 4 {25-32} L-Fwd 1/4 turn right Step L-Front, Vine right w/Cross, Scissors RL
1&2Step L fwd, Turn 1/4 right and step R down, Step L in front of R (9:00)
3&4&Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right, Cross L over R (small steps here)
*During Wall 5 stop here and restart as Wall 6 while facing 9:00
5&6Step R to right, Step L beside R, Cross R over L
7&8Step L to left, Step R beside L, Step L in front of R

*Wall 5 (12:00): Dance {1-28&} then begin Wall 6 facing 9:00
Easy to pick up this Restart- music is noticeably different, Restart after Vine right w/Cross

Dance ends facing 12:00 :-) Enjoy!

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website please make sure it is in its original format and include all contact
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WillB August 17, 2016
I hope you will like this dance - I was concerned about traveling so added notes on step sizes, also please note when to step in front or when to cross :-) I believe it was a wonderful coincidence to discover such a good piece of music for the title I wanted to use. Mojito Lite dance to the song Mojito Lite by the and Mojito Lite - that's a lot of Mojitos!! Enjoy!

Micaela August 19, 2016
Good job, my friend. 5 From me. Keep up the good work

WillyJ August 19, 2016
Nice dance. Glad to see THIS Mojito Lite succeed. (5)

WillB August 20, 2016
Thank you Micaela and WillyJ - I appreciate your support and yes, WJ its GREAT to replace the drama from the first ML!! :-)

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