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Beginner - Country
Daniele Traverso (IT) - September 2016
Shotgun Rider - Tim McGraw
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Lock step, stomp,left swivel x 3 and turn 1/4 left,stomp
1-2step right forward,lock left behind right
3-4step right forward,stomp left beside right
5-6-7swivel left foot to left side (toe,heel,toe and turn 1/4 left)
8stomp right beside left

Right swivel x 3 and turn 1/4 right,hook,weave
1-2-3swivel right foot to right side (toe,heel,toe and turn 1/4 right)
4hook left over right
5-6step left to left side,cross right behind left
7-8step left to left side,cross right over left

Rock step and turn 1/4 right,step,hold,toe strut forward 1/2 turn left x2
1-2rock left to left side,1/4 turn right recover weight to right
3-4step left forward,hold
5-6point right toe forward and 1/2 turn left,right foot taking weight
7-8point left toe back and 1/2 turn left ,putting weight on left foot

Scuff,stomp,stomp,hold,swivel x2,stomp twice
1-2scuff right beside left,stomp right diagonally forward
3-4stomp left diagonally forward, hold
5-6swivel right foot to left ( heel,toe)
7-8stomp right twice beside left

TAGS: 2 Tags: after the end of 2nd repetition and after the end of 8th repetition
1-2step right forward,1/2 turn left
3-4step right forward,1/2 turn left

**2 Restarts: After 16 counts of the 6th repetition, and after 24 counts of the 12th repetition



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