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Start A Brand New Day

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Improver NC2S style
Karen Hadley (UK) & Dave Bishop (UK) - September 2016
Brand New Day - David Nail
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#16 Count Intro

(Music Available on iTunes and other download sites taken from “I’m A Fire” by David Nail)

Note: - We have choreographed this dance as an easier alternative to Tina Argyle’s beautiful dance Brand New Day which we have been dancing with our intermediate dancers, and to give our improver dancers a chance to also dance to this gorgeous track and to give many of them their first experience of a Nightclub Two Step style dance, we hope you can make the same use of the dance in your classes, thank-you, Karen & Dave.

Basic Nightclub Right, Basic Nightclub Left
1 - 2&Step Right long step to Right side, rock back on Left (slightly behind Right), recover weight on to Right.
3 - 4&Step Left long step to Left side, rock back on Right (slightly behind Left), recover weight on to Left.

Touch Right Out, Touch Right In, ¼ Turn Right, Step, Pivot ½ Turn Right, Step
5&6Touch Right to Right side, touch Right beside Left, make ¼ turn Right stepping forward on Right.
7&8Step forward on Left, pivot ½ turn Right (weight on Right), step forward on Left.

Full Turn Left (Run, Run), Right Mambo Forward, Sweep
1&Make ½ turn Left stepping back on Right, make ½ turn Left stepping forward on Left.
Easy alternative: - Run forward - Right, Left.
2&3&Rock forward on Right, recover weight on to Left, step back on Right, sweep Left from front to back.

Behind Side Cross, Side Rock & Cross, ¼ Turn Right, ¼ Turn Right, Cross
4&5Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to Right side, cross step Left over Right.
6&7Rock Right to Right side, recover weight on to Left, cross step Right over Left.
&8Make ¼ turn Right stepping back on Left (&), make ¼ turn Right stepping Right to Right side
&Cross step Left over Right (&)

Begin Again & Enjoy


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