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Dirk Leibing (DE) - October 2016
Intro : 16 counts from the beginning of the heavy beat

This dance is to a German song about THIS shit record, you have a bad memory with, but someone is playing it again and again.

S1: Shuffle Turn right with 3 Shuffle, Kick Ball Step
1&2Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward(1), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward(2)(3:00)
3&4Turn ¼ right stepping LF left(3), Close RF next to LF(&), Turn ¼ right stepping LF back(9:00)
5&6Turn ¼ right stepping RF right(5), Close LF next to RF(&), Turn 1/8 right stepping RF forward(1:30)
7&8Kick LF forward(7), Step ball of LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward(8)(1:30)

S2: Rock Step, Shuffle back, Coaster Step Cross, Shuffle forward
1-2Rock LF forward(1), Recover on RF(2)
3&4Step LF back(3), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF back(4)
5&6Step RF back(5), CloseLF next to RF while turning 1/8 left(&), Cross RF in front of LF(6)
7&8Turn 1/8 left stepping LF forward, Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(10:30)

S3: 5/8 turn, Chasse, Cross Rock, Chasse
1-2Step RF forward(1), Turn 5/8 left(weight on LF)(2)(3:00)
3&4Step RF right(3), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF right(4)
5-6Cross Rock LF in front of RF(5), Recover on RF(6)
7&8Step LF left(7), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF left(8)

S4: Kick Ball Point(2x), Sailor Step, Sailor ½ Turn
1&2Kick RF forward(1), Close right ball next to LF(&), Point LF left(2)
3&4Kick LF forward(3), Close left ball next to RF(&), Point RF right(4)
5&6Step RF behind LF(5), Step LF left(&), Step RF right(6)
7&8Step LF behind RF(7), Turn ¼ left closing RF next to LF(&)(12:00), Turn ¼ left crossing LF in front of RF(8)(9:00)

I’m aware of the possible Restart, but it’s not really necessary, so I decided not to have a Restart to keep it simple

No Tag, No Restart!!

Have Fun

Dirk Leibing -


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