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Girls Will Be Girls - Basic

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Upper Beginner
Lu Olsen (AUS) - October 2016
Girls Will Be Girls - Sophie Beem : (Album: Bad Moms - iTunes)
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Start Pos: Feet tog: Start on Vocals: 32 count intro: Ver. 1.00 -

[1-8] Fwd, Tap Behind, Back, Kick fwd, R Coaster, Scuff fwd
1, 2Step R fwd, Tap L behind R heel,
3, 4Step L back, Kick R fwd,
5, 6, 7, 8Right Coaster: Step R back, Step L tog, Step R fwd, Scuff L fwd - 12.00

[9-16] Fwd diag, Lock, Fwd diag, Lock, Fwd diag, Lock, Fwd, Scuff fwd
(These 8 counts faces 12.00 - lock steps travels fwd and moves slightly to left)
1, 2Step L fwd to L45, Lock R behind L, 12.00
3, 4Step L fwd to L45, Lock R behind L, 12.00
5, 6Step L fwd to L45, Lock R behind L, 12.00
7, 8Step L fwd to L45, Scuff R fwd - 12.00

[17-24] R Rocking chair, Fwd, ½ pivot, R Toe strut
1, 2, 3, 4(R Rocking Chair) Step R fwd, Replace weight to L, Step R back, Replace weight to L
5, 6Step R fwd, ½ Left pivot turn, 6.00
7, 8(R Toe strut) R Toe fwd, Drop R heel

[25-32] Side, Tog, Side, Scuff over, Cross, Replace, ¼ R fwd, Fwd,
1,2,3,4Step L to Left, Step R tog, Step L to Left, Scuff R over L - 6.00
5,6Cross Rock R over L, Replace weight onto L,
7, 8¼ Right turn & step R fwd, Step L fwd - 9.00

Wall 11 short wall (6.00) Dance first 16 counts then start again at 6.00.

Especially choreographed for the Beginner Levels

Split floor to the original 64 count INTERMEDIATE Dance ‘GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS’

Contact ~ Lu Olsen: 03 9735 1219 (h), Mob: 0438 735 122 - Email: - web:


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