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I'm That Somebody

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Brenda Shatto (USA) - August 2016
I Know Somebody - LOCASH : (Album: The Fighters - 3:18)
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Notes: One Restart on wall 3 at count 16 facing 3:00 which will change the dance from front and back walls to the side walls. Thank you, Lisa McCammon, for your interest in an intermediate dance. When done as a split floor with my beginner dance, the 2 dances will sync up!

Intro: 16 counts, 10 seconds.

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Triple step, Rock, Recover, ½ turn left, ¼ turn left, Cross
1,2Walk forward R, L
3&4Step forward R, lock L behind R, step forward R
5,6Rock forward L, recover R (start ¾ turn left)
7&8Turn ½ left step forward L, turn ¼ left Step R to right, cross L over R (3:00)

[9-16] Point, Step, Point, Step, Hitch, Out, Out, Applejacks
1&2&Point R to right, step R next to L, point L to left, step L next to R
3&4Hitch R up, step R to right side, step L out to left
5&6&Twist L toe to left and R heel to left, recover, twist R toe to right and L heel to right, recover
7&8&Repeat counts 5&6& (weight L) **RESTART on wall 3.
~Easier option: Replace applejacks with heel swivels- Twist R heel in, recover R, twist L heel in, recover L, repeat.

[17-24] Rocking chair, R triple forward, ¼ turn R big step L, ¼ turn R big step R, L triple forward
1&2&Rock forward on R, recover L, rock back on R, recover L
3&4Step R forward, lock L behind R, step R forward
5,6Turn ¼ right with large step L and slide R to L, turn ¼ right and take large step R (9:00)
7&8Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward

[25-32] Turn ¼ L and rock R side, Recover (X2), R mambo forward, L coaster, Forward, ¾ spiral R, L forward
1&2&Turn ¼ left and rock right on R, recover L, turn ¼ left and rock right on R, recover L (3:00)
3&4Rock forward on R, recover to L, step back on R
5&6Step L back, step R together, step forward L
7,8Step forward R and turn ¾ left, step forward L (6:00)


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