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Love My Life

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Improver WCS
Maria Maag (DK) - November 2016
Love My Life - Robbie Williams : (Album: The Heavy Entertainment Show - Deluxe - 3:28)
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Intro: 16 Counts from first beat in music

Tag: 8 Counts after wall 3 ( facing 9:00 ) See more details below
Ending: On wall 10 after 3& counts ( facing 3:00 ), slowly turn ¼ L in the sweep (4), step L back (5)…The End

[1 – 8] Walk walk anchor step sweep back R, back rock L recover R, kick ball cross R
1-2Walk fw. R (1), walk fw. L (2) 12:00
3&4Step R behind L (3), step down L (&), step back R and sweep L back (4) 12:00
5-6Rock back L (5), recover R (6) 12:00
7&8Kick L fw. (7), step down L (&), cross R over L (8) 12:00

[9 – 16] Side rock L recover R , sailor step L, behind ¼ L lockstep fw. R
1–2Rock L to L side (1), recover R (2) 12:00
3&4Cross L behind R (3), step R to R side (&), step down L (4) 12:00
5-6Cross R behind L (5), turn ¼ L stepping down L (6) 09:00
7&8Step R fw. (7), lock L behind R (&), step R fw. (8) 09:00

[17 – 24] Cross rock L recover R, chasse ¼ L, cross rock R recover L, side rock R recover L cross R behind
1-2Cross rock L over R (1), recover R (2) 09:00
3&4Turn ¼ L stepping down L (3), step R next to L (&), step L to L side (4) 06:00
5-6Cross rock R over L (5), recover L (6) 06:00
7&8Rock R to R side (7), recover L (&), cross R behind L (8) 06:00

[25 – 32] Side step L point R, triple ¼ R step ½ turn R mambo together raise on ball of both feet
1-2Step L to L side (1), point R to R side (2) 06:00
3&4Turn ¼ R stepping down R (3), step L next to R (&), step R fw. (4) 09:00
5-6Step fw. L (5), turn ½ R stepping down R (6) 03:00
7&8Rock fw. L (7), recover R (&), step L next to R and lift both heels (weight a little bit more on L than R ) 03:00

Tag : Walk walk ankorstep, walk back walk back coaster step
1-2Walk fw. R (1), walk fw. L (2)
3&4Step R behind L (3), step down L (&), step back R and sweep L back (4)
5-6Walk back L (5), walk back R (6)
7&8Step back L (7), step R next to L (&), step fw. L (8)




OLDSALTY November 22, 2016
I maybe born and bred in the home town of Robbie Williams and I enjoy his music but I am not a massive fan really.However I am strangely attracted to this track so I took a closer look at Maria's dance and its possible that this could be a massive Main stream hit for her here in the Uk.
Not what I initially planned for The Gang on Wednesday night , but I think I will run it by them and get back on Thursday with a comment.

Victoria(Wife of OLDSALTY)SHORTLY BOTH TO BE LIVING THE DREAM IN OUR NEW HOME BY THE SEA.PS Still travelling to Stoke to be with The Gang weekly

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