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24K Magic

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Mitzi Day (USA) - December 2016
24K Magic - Bruno Mars
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A long relaxing intro but start when Bruno sings, "Moon" Bruno really meant to count us in by saying, "Move" haha

(1-8) Big right step back, together, hip sways. Big right step forward, together, hip sways.
1-2-3-4Step right foot back with a big step.(1)Step down on left beside right foot.(2) Sway right hip to right (3) Sway left hip to left.(4) To make a better groove bend knees in between sways.
5-6-7-8Step right foot forward with a big step.(5) Step left foot down beside right .(6) Sway right hip to right(7)Sway left hip to left(8)
Arm options for fun: When you step back on 1 push an imaginary wall and straighten arm as you move back. When you do hip sways put your hands in front of hips and sway them too. When you step forward tilt your head slightly back as if someone pulls you forward.

(9-16) Right side rock, syncopated vine to left. Left side rock, syncopated vine to right.
1-2Step right foot to right side. Recover weight on left.
3&4Step right behind left, step left to left side, step right across left.
5-6Step left to left side. Recover weight on right.
7&8Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left across right.
Styling options for fun: Strike a pose on the side rock(1) it hits the music

(17-24) Right side hold, ball step touch. Left side, touch, kick ball cross.
1-2Step right to right side.(1) hold(2)
&3-4Step ball of left foot beside right,(&)step right to right side,(3)touch left beside right.(4)
5-6Step left foot to left side. Touch right foot beside left foot.
7&8Right kick, step down on ball of right foot, cross left foot over right and step down on left foot . Facing 1:00.
Styling option: Bruno says ,"Put your hands in the air"

(25-32) Big right step diagonal, step together with left, twist and twist, front rock, right side rock, cross right over, unwind half over left.
1-2Step right forward diagonal to 1:00 and step together on left.
3&4 &Twist both heels right(3) to center(&). Right(4) to center(&).
5&6&Place right heel forward and put weight on it.(5) Recover weight on left.(&)Place right heel to right side and put weight on it(6) Recover weight to left.(&)
7-8Cross right foot over left foot and put weight on right. Then unwind and by turning over your left for a half turn. Now you face back wall.
Styling option: every time you put weight on heel nod head up.(counts 5-6)



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