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Road Less Traveled

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Low Intermediate
Paula Frohn (USA) - December 2016
Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina
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Start on vocals, 8 counts in. One restart, in 4th set, at 9 o’clock after 16 cts.

Two Walks Forward, Right Shuffle Forward, Rock Forward, Replace, Triple ¾ Left
1-2Walk forward RF then LF
3&4Step RF forward, step LF next to RF, step RF forward
5-6Rock forward LF forward, replace weight onto RF
7&8Step in place LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT completing ¾ turn left

Step Side Right, Cross LF Behind, Shuffle Right Forward ¼ Right, Step Forward LF, Pivot ½ Right, Shuffle LF Forward
9-10Step RF to right side, cross LF behind RF
11&12Turn ¼ right, step RF forward, step LF next to RF, step RF forward
13-14Step LF forward, pivot ½ turn right, changing weight to RF
15&16Step LF forward, step RF next to LF, step LF forward

Two Toe Struts, Jazz Box
17-18Touch right toe forward, lower right heel down
18-20Touch left toe forward, lower left heel down
21-24Cross RF in front of LF, step LF back, step RF to right side, step LF forward

Step-Pivot ½ Left, Step-Pivot ¼ Left, Step Feet Slightly Forward Apart, Slow Hip Roll Counter Clockwise
25-26Step RF forward, pivot ½ left, changing weight to LF
27-28Step RF forward, pivot ¼ left, changing weight to RF
29-30Step slightly forward, step feet apart RF then LF
31-32*Roll hips counter clockwise in 2 counts, from right to left (end weight on LF)
*VARIATIONS: Hold for 2 counts, bump hips right to left, whatever you feel for 2 counts!!!

Start over! Enjoy!

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Last Update - 11th Jan 2017


Donna Beard January 11, 2017
It's not possible to move two steps on one count. The last steps should be 31-32.

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