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Except For Us

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Bill Bragg (USA) - January 2017
Except For Us - Austin Mahone : (iTunes)
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#32 count intro

RF step forward, LF rock back, RF step forward, RF low brush, RF step forward, LF rock back, RF step forward, RF low brush.
1 2RF-Step forward, LF- rock back (swaying Hips).
3 4RF-Step forward, LF-brush forward (swaying Hips).
5 6LF-Step forward, RF- rock back (swaying Hips).
7 8LF-Step forward, RF-brush forward (swaying Hips).

RF step forward, LF rock back, RF touch toe right, Hold.
1 2RF-Step forward, LF- rock back.
3 4RF-touch toe to right side, Hold.
5 6RF-sweep step behind LF turning to face right diagonal (2:00), LF step side left.
7 8RF-cross over LF (rock across), Hold.

LF recover, RF step side, LF cross over RF, Hold, RF step right swaying hips L-R-L, Hold.
1 2LF-recover weight, RF step right side now facing 3:00.
3 4LF-cross over RF, Hold.
5 6RF-step right side (sway hips right), LF take weight (sway hips left).
7 8RF-step take weight (sway hips right), Hold.

LF cross behind RF, RF step side turning ¼ right, LF step forward pivot ½ right, RF step forward continuing turning completing 1 full turn, LF step back, RF step back, Coaster
1 2LF-cross behind LF, RF step ¼ turn right facing (6:00).
3 4**LF-step forward, pivot ½ turn right stepping RF forward toward 12:00.
5 6**RF-keep pivoting ½ turn right stepping back on LF (facing 6:00), RF step back.
7&8LF-step left, RF step next to RF, LF step forward.

** For those that don’t wish to make the full turn:
3 4LF-rock forward, RF recover.
5 6LF-step back, RF step back.

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Last Update – 15th Jan 2017


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