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One Night

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Tonnie Vos (NL) - January 2017
One Night - J.C. Jones
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Intro: 32 counts

S1: Skate R&L Fwd, Shuffle Right Fwd, Rock Left Fwd, Recover, Left Coaster Step
1-2Skate Right Fwd, Skate Left Fwd
3&4Step Right Fwd, Step Together, Step Right Fwd
5-6Rock Left Fwd, Recover on Right
7&8Step Left Back, RF Step beside LF, Step Left Fwd

S2: Step ¼ Pivot Turn Left, Cross Shuffle to Left, Left Weave
1-2Step Right Fwd, Pivot ½ Turn Left (9:00)
3&4RF Across LF, Step Left Side, RF Across LF
5-8Step Left Side, Step behind LF, Step Left Side, * RF Across LF (Tag& Restart Here in Wall 6)

S3: Left Side Rock, Recover, Left Sailor Step, Right Sailor Step ¼ Turn Right, Shuffle Left Fwd
1-2Rock Left Side, Recover on RF
3&4LF Sweep Back behind RF, Step a Little Right Side, Step a Little Left Side
5&6RF Sweep Back behind LF, Step ¼ Turn Left (6:00), Step Right Side
7&8Step Left Fwd, Step Together, Step Left Fwd, (Restart Here in Wall 3)

S4: Step Right Fw, Point Left, Cross behind, Point Right, Cross behind, Point Left, Right Sailor Step
1-4Step Right Fwd, Touch Left Side, LF Step behind RF, Touch Right Side
5-6RF Step behind LF, Touch Left Side
7&8LF Sweep behind RF, Step a Little Right Side, Step a Little Left Side

S5: Right Cross Rock, Recover, Shuffle ¼ TurnRight, Shuffle ½ Turn Right, Right Coaster Step
1-2RF Rock Across LF, Recover on Left
3&4RF Step ¼ Turn Right (9:00), Step Together, Step Right Side
5&6LF Step ¼ Turn Right, Step Together, LF Stap ¼ Turn Right Back (3:00)
7&8RF Step Back, LF Step beside RF, Step Right Fwd

S6: Left Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle to Right / ½ Hinge Turn Left / Cross Shuffle to Left
1&2LF Rock Left Side, Recover on RF
3&4LF Step Across RF, Step Right Side, LF Step Across RF
5-6RF Step ¼ Turn Left Back (12:00) / LF Step ¼ Turn Left Side (9:00)
7&8RF Step Across LF, Ste Left Side, RF Step Across LF

S7: Step Left Fwd, Sweep Right Fwd, Across LF, Step Left Back, Step Back, Cross, Step Back, Step Left
1-4Step Left Fwd, Sweep Right Fwd, RF Step Across LF, Step Left Back
5-8Step Right Back, LF Lock before RF, Step Right Back, Step Left Side

S8: Right Cross Rock, Recover, Right Chasse, Left Cross Rock, Recover, Left Chasse
1-2RF Rock Across LF, Recover on Left
3&4RF Step Right Side, Step Together, RF Step Right Side
5-6LF Rock Across RF, Recover on RF
7&8LF Step Left Side, Step Together, LF Step Left Side

Restart in the 3e Wall in S:3 na Count 8

Tag in the 6e Wall: Make from Count 8 v S:2 / * RF Touch beside LF & Restart The Dance.


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