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Never Bring Me Down

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Early Intermediate
Kathryn Sloan (AUS) & Kelvin Dale (AUS) - January 2017
Shout Out to My Ex - Little Mix : (Album: Glory Days, Deluxe concert film edition / So fresh hits of summer + best of 2016)
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Clockwise direction, 1 Restart, 1 Tag
Starts 4 counts in with weight on left - 126 BPM

[1 – 8] Walk, walk, shuffle, rock, replace, half shuffle (or 1 ½ shuffle) (6.00)
1,2,3&4Step forward on R, step forward on L, step forward on R, step L beside R, step R forward*
5,6,7&8Rock L forward, replace weight on R, turning 180 left step L forward, step R beside L, step R
 forward (or 1 ½ shuffle)

[9 – 16] Cross, side, sailor, cross, side, behind, side, cross (3.00)
1,2,3&4Cross R in front of L, step L to left side, step R behind L, step L beside R, replace weight to R
5,6,7&8Cross L in front of R, step R to right side, step L behind R, step R to right side, cross L in front of R
(For styling, shrugs can be included on the holds)

[17 – 24] Rock, hold, &, cross, hold, &, cross, quarter, pivot half (9.00)
1,2,&3,4Rock R to right side, hold, replace weight to L, cross R in font of L, hold
&5,6,7,8Step L to left side, cross R in front of L, turning 90° left, step L forward, step R forward, pivot 180° left replacing weight to L

[25 – 32] Rock, replace, &, rock, replace, &, paddle quarter, paddle quarter (3.00)
1,2&3,4Rock R forward, replace weight to L, replace weight to R, rock L forward, replace weight to R
&5,6,7,8Replace weight to L, step R forward, turning 90° left replace weight to L, step R forward, turning 90° left replace weight to L

[32] counts - Repeat

Restart: On wall 6 dance up to count 8* and restart

Tag: At the end of wall 13 add a 4 count tag
1-4Rocking chair.
1,2,3,4Rock forward on R, replace weight to L, rock back on R, replace weight to L

KELVIN DALE – 0414 795 528
KATHRYN SLOAN – 0402 219 272


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