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Good Time Girls

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Henrik Gronvold (NOR) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - January 2017
Good Time Girls - Nathan Carter : (Album: Stayin' Up All Night)
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Start Dance after 8 Counts when he starts to sing.

Rock Step Forward, Rock Step Back, Step Out, Step Out, Step Back, Step Back
1,2Step RF forward, recover weight back to LF
3,4Step RF back, recover weight forward to LF
5,6Step R heel forward, step L heel forward
7,8Step RF back, step LF back

Step R, Touch, Clap, Step L ¼ turn L, Touch, Clap, R Side Step, Together, Side, Touch
1,2Step RF to R side, touch LF beside RF & clap hands
3,4Step LF a ¼ turn to L, touch RF beside LF & clap hands
5,6Step RF to R side, Step LF beside RF
7,8Step RF to R side, Touch LF beside RF

Step L, Touch, Clap, Step R, Touch, Clap, L Side Step, Together, Side, Step
1,2Step LF to L side, Touch RF beside LF & clap hands
3,4Step RF to R side, Touch LF beside RF & clap hands
5,6Step LF to L side, Step RF beside LF
7,8Step LF to L side, step RF down beside LF (both feet a bit apart from each other) weight on LF

RF Twist R, Clap, LF Twist R, Step
1,2Twist R toe to R, Twist R heel to R
3,4Twist R toe to R, Clap hands
5,6Twist L heel to R, Twist L toe to R
7,8Twist L heel to R, step LF beside RF (weight on LF)

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Last Update - 3rd March 2017


Dj Henrik (NO) January 24, 2017
Forgot to Write Down the intro. sorry:-)
Start Dance after 8 Counts when he starts to sing.

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