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11:59 EZ

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Absolute Beginner
Roger (leftfoot) Hunter (USA) - February 2017
11:59(central standard time) by The Railers
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#16 count intro after 1234...starts on lyrics

1-2touch R heel F,touch R toe next to L.
3&4step R back,step L back slightly,step R foot F.
5-6touch L heel F,touch L toe next to R.
7&8step L back,,step R back slightly,step L foot F.

Step Toe Out In,Step Toe Out In,Walk Half Circle.
1-4touch R toe out,step R in,touch L toe out,step L in
5-8walk ½ circle counter clockwise,R,L,R,L.

Vine Right Touch,Vine Left Touch.
1-4step R to R,step L behind R,step R to R,touch L to R.
5-8step L to L,step R behind L,step L to L,touch R to L.

Walk Forward x 4,Walk Back x 4.
1-4walk forward R,L,R,kick L,(clap)
5-8walk back L,R,L,R.

Last Update – 7 Nov. 2019 - R2


Sandue July 19, 2017
Nice dance. I'll be teaching it to my AB class so they can learn the coaster step. Thanks

Jazzbox April 9, 2019
Love the dance, wish it had a demo so that students could practice it and learn it easier.

Sandue April 9, 2019
I agree with you - I now don't teach a dance unless there is a video. It should be a requirement in order to have their dance put on Copperknob.

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