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You Look Good

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High Beginner
Rick Dominguez (USA) - January 2017
You Look Good - Lady A
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Dance starts 16 counts in at vocals

[1-8] Step R Forward, Front Mambo, Back Mambo, Side Rock, Ball Cross
1Step R forward
2&3Step L forward, Recover onto R, Step L back
4&5Step R back, Recover onto L, Step R forward
6&7Step L to left, Recover onto R, Cross L over R
&8Step R to right, Cross L over R

[9-16] Side Step, Hip Sway, Behind, 1/4 Step, Step Forward, Rock Forward, ½ Turn Triple
1,2Step R to right, Sway hips to right with a snap/bump on 2 (have fun with this move, make it sexy, dip and sway, or use hands with a snap on count 2, change it up with the song)
3&4Step R behind L, Turn ¼ left as you step L forward. Step R forward
5,6Rock L forward, Recover onto R
7&8Turn 1/4 left as you step L to left, Step R next to L, Turn 1/4 left as you step L forward
(Optional: Feel free to add an extra full turn during 7&8)

Start again! Make it slow and sexy!

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codeident January 31, 2017
I felt good last night practicing You Look Good in the gym's aerobics room.

Kickin it February 20, 2017
Great Dance, we are dancing it in NW Indiana

dance junkie May 11, 2017
Love it. Dancing it every week :-)

Lacey Key November 26, 2021
I love the dance!! I can't wait to teach it!!

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