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Grace & Grit

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Beginner / Improver
Henrik Gronvold (NOR) - February 2017
Grace & Grit - Meghan Patrick
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Step R frw, twist heels, hitch , coaster step, touch
1,2Step RF forward, with weight on both feet twist both heels forward
3,4Twist heels back to center, push R knee up
5,6Step RF back, step LF beside RF
7,8Step RF forward, touch LF beside RF

Vine L, scuff, vine R, scuff
1,2Step LF to L, step RF behind LF
3,4Step LF to L, scuff RF forward
5,6Step RF to R, step LF behind RF
7,8Step RF to R, scuff LF forward

Step out L, Step out R, Hands on your Hip, Heel bounce with hip roll
1,2Step LF out to L, step RF out to R
3,4Place R hand on R hip, place L hand on L hip
5,6,7,8Bounce your heels up & down while you roll your hips back from R to L side starting to the R Ending with weight on LF.

Shuffle R with ¼ turn L, Shuffle L, touch
1,2Step RF to R, step LF beside RF
3,4Step RF to R, turn a ¼ to L & touch LF beside RF (9:00)
5,6Step LF to L, step RF beside LF
7,8Step LF to L, touch RF beside LF

Restart dance & enjoy



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