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Wang Fei

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High Beginner
Wendy Loh (MY) - September 2016
Wang Fei (王妃) - Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰)
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Intro 4×8
10×8 + 4 count tag
10×8 +4 count tag
4×8 + 4 count tag
10×8 + 4 count tag
10x8 + 4count tag
Ending 4×8 + 5count

Section 1 : Kick Ball Change 2x, R Hip Bump 3x, RF low kick
1&2Kick RF forward, Ball Step RF beside LF, Step LF beside RF
3&4Repeat 1&2
5Touch RF to side with weight on LF & Hip bump to R side
6,7R hip bump twice
8Low kick RFdiagonally to right (12:00)

Section 2 : Jazz Box, Low kick, Cross, Back, Side Step
12Cross RF over LF, Step LF behind RF
34Step RF to side, Step LF together
56Low kick RF diagonally to right, Cross RF over LF
78Step LF behind RF, Step RF to side (12:00)

Section 3 : LF Cross, Side, Behind, R Touch, R Behind, Side, Cross, L Touch
12Cross LF over RF, Step RF to side
34Cross LF behind RF, Touch RF to side
56Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to side
78Cross RF over LF, Touch LF to side (12:00)

Section 4 : L Rocking Chair, L Rock Forward, Recover, ½ L Turn, Cha Cha Forrward
12Rock LF forward, Recover on RF
34Rock LF back, Recover on RF
56Repeat 1,2
7&8Turn ½ L & Shuffle forward LF, RF, LF (6:00)

Section 5: Toe Switches, Body Roll, Ball Step Back, Body Roll, Hip bump
1&2Touch R toe to side, Step RF beside LF, Touch L toe to side
34Push chest forward & do a body roll backwards, transferring weight to LF
&Ball step RF beside LF
56Touch LF to side and doing body roll again over 2 counts, transferring weight to LF
7,8Hip bump to R twice (6:00)

Section 6 : Kick Ball Change, Paddle ¾ L Turn
1&2Kick RF forward, Ball Step RF beside LF, Cross LF over RF
34Step RF forward, Turn ¼ L with slight hip circle, weight on LF (3:00)
56Repeat Steps 3,4 (12:00)
78Repeat Steps 3,4 (9:00)

Section 7 : New York Steps
12Rock RF over LF, Recover on LF
3&4Side Chasse RF, LF, RF
56Rock LF over RF, Recover RF
7&8Side Chasse LF, RF, LF (9:00)

Section 8 : Pivot ½ L turn 2X, R rock forward, Recover, Back Cha Cha
12Step RF forward, Turn ½ L weight on LF (3:00)
34Repeat Steps 1,2 (9:00)
56Rock RF forward, Recover on LF
7&8Back Shuffle RF, LF, RF

Section 9 : ½ L Forward Cha Cha, Side Step Touch 2x, RF Forward, ¼ L Turn
1&2Turn ½ L & Forward Shuffle LF, RF, LF (3:00)
34Step RF to side, Touch LF beside RF
56Step LF to side, Touch RF beside LF
78Step RF forward, Turn ¼ L weight on LF (12:00)

Section 10 : Cross & Cross, ½ L Cross & Cross, ½ R Cross & Cross , Full turn unwind
1&2Cross RF over RF, Ball Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over RF
3&4Turn ½ L & Cross LF over RF, Ball step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF (6:00)
5&6Turn ½ R & Cross RF over LF, Ball Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over RF (12:00)
78Full turn unwind with weight on LF (12:00)

TAG : Jazz Box Cross
1 2Cross RF over LF, Step LF back
3 4Step RF to side, Cross LF over RF (12:00)


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