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Route 1966 - B

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Anna Korsgaard (DK) - February 2017
Route 1966 (Pretty Near Heaven) – Carl King
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Intro: 64 counts - No Tags! No Restarts!

Sec.: 1. Walk Right, Left, Shuffle forward, Left Fwd. Rock, Triple ½ turn
1 - 2Walk fwd. Right, Left.
3 & 4Step fwd. Right, Step Left behind Right, Step Right Fwd.
5 - 6Rock fwd. on Left, recover to Right.
7 & 8Triple Left, Right, Left in place turning 1/2 to the Left. (6:00)

Sec.: 2. Side Rock, Cross Shuffle Right, Same to the Left
1 - 2Rock Right to Right Side, recover on Left.
3 & 4Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Lift Side, Cross Right over Left.
5 - 6Rock Left to Left side, recover on Right.
7 & 8Cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right.

Sec.: 3. Right Side Together, Side Chassé, Cross Rock, Chassé ¼ turn Left
1 - 2Step Right to Right Side, Step Left next to Right.
3 & 4Step Right to Right Side , Step Left next to Right, Step Right to Right.
5 - 6Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover on Right.
7 & 8Step Left to Left Side , Step Right Next to Left, Step Left Forward making ¼ turn. (3:00)

Sec.: 4. Right Side Rock, Behind Side, Cross, Left Side, Together, Rumba Forward
1 - 2Rock Right to Right Side, Recover on Left.
3 & 4Step Right behind Left, Step Left to Left, Cross Right over Left.
5 - 6Step Left to Left Side, Step Right next to Left.
7 & 8Step Left to Left side, Step Right next to Left, Step fwd. on Left.

Ending: On wall 8 sec.: 2 after 6 counts (03:00)
7 – 8Step Fwd. on Left by making a ¼ turn Left, step fwd. Right. (12:00)

Note: Thank you so much Anne-Lisa Andreasen for suggesting this lovely song!

Enjoy and have fun it makes you happy.

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