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Baby Lock The Door

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High Beginner
Henny Nielsen (DK) - February 2017
Your Man - Josh Turner
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Intro: 32 counts

Restart on wall 1 – 4 – 6 – 8 after 28 count
Ending on wall 11 (see note at bottom of script)

Sec.1 [1-8] Right Side Together – Right Shuffle Forward, Left Side Together – Left Shuffle Forward.
1-2Step Right to Right, step Left beside
3&4Step forward on Right, step Left beside Right, step forward on Right,
5-6Step Left to Left, step Right beside
7&8Step forward on Left, step Right beside Left, step forward on Left,

Sec.2 [9-16] Rock Right Forward, Right ½ Shuffle Back (6:00), Vein Left with Cross Over.
1-2Rock forward on Right, Recover onto Left
3&4Right shuffle making 1/2 turn Right stepping Right. Left. Right
5-8Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right beside Left

Sec. 3 [17-24] Left Side Rock, Recover, Left Cross Shuffle, ¼ turn Left (3:00), Step Back Left, Right Coaster Step
1-2Rock Left foot to Left side, Recover onto Right foot
3&4Cross Left foot over Right foot, Step Right foot to Right side, Cross Left foot over Right foot
5-6Make 1/4 turn Left stepping back on Right. Step back on Left.
7&8Step Right back. Step Left beside Right. Step forward Right.

Sec. 4 [25-32] ½ Monterey Turn Left (9.00), Right Jazz Box
1Touch Left toe to Left side.
2With weight on Right make 1/2 turn Left and step Left beside Right.
3 - 4Touch Right toe to Right side. Step Right beside Left.
Restart here on wall 1 – 4 – 6 – 8
5-8Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left. Right stepping Right to Right side. Step Left beside Right.

Ending on wall 11: Dance the first 8 count (6:00) – and the turn a ½ turn over Right with Right foot and you will finish at front Wall (12:00) …

NOTE – this dance is dedicated to Heidi Poulsen for requesting me to make this dance.


Last Update - 1 Feb. 2021-R2


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