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Sunday Finest

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - February 2017
Sunday Finest - Sir Rosevelt
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Intro : 16 Counts
Tag : An 8 Count Tag Will Occur After Wall 8 (Facing 12.00)

Section 1: Heel Touches With Arm Movements (2X), Weave With 1/4 Turn L, Walks L/R, Syncopated Runs Forward
1-2Rf touch heel diagonally forward right, Rf touch heel diagonally forward right
(optional : throw hands up to same side as heel touches)
3&4Rf cross behind Lf, make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward (&), Rf step forward (9.00)
5-6Lf step forward, Rf step forward
7&8&Lf small step forward, Rf small step forward(&), Lf small step forward, Rf small step forward(&)

Section 2: Rock/Recover, Shuffle With 3/4 Turn L, Out, Knee Pop, Syncopated Weave
1-2Lf rock forward, recover onto Rf
3&4&make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf left (6.00), Rf step together (&), make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward (3.00), make 1/4 turn left (&)
5&6Rf step right (12.00), pop both knees up (&), stretch both knees again (weight ends on Rf)
7&8&Lf cross behind Rf, Rf step right(&), Lf cross in front of Rf, Rf step right (&)

Section 3: Cross Behind, Touch, Cross In Front, Touch, Cross, 1/4 Turn L, Back, Side, Syncopated Touches Across L
1-2Lf cross behind Rf, Rf touch right
3-4Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf touch left
5-6Lf cross in front of Rf, make 1/4 turn left stepping Rf back (9.00)
7&8&Lf step left, Rf touch toes on right diagonal (&), Rf touch toes in front of Lf, Rf touch toes in front and across Lf (&)

Section 4: Cross, Side, Weave, Rock/Recover, Triple Full Turn L
1-2Rf cross in front of Lf (taking weight on it), Lf step left
3&4Rf cross behind Lf, Lf step left (&), Rf cross in front of Lf
5-6Lf rock left, recover onto Rf
7&8make a full triple turn over left shoulder stepping L,R,L (9.00)
optional:in stead of full triple turn left you can do weave.

Tag : an 8 count Tag will occur after wall 8 facing 12.00 o'clock
Rock/Recover In Place (4X) With Arm Movements
1-2Rf rock right, Recover onto Lf (raise your right hand, palm up)
3-4repeat (raise your left hand, palm up)
5-6repeat (raise both hands, palms up)


Happy Feeet February 28, 2017
Love this cute tune to a fun choreography by one of our favorite teams. Good job ! Guys.

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