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Happy People

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Absolute Beginner
Roger Neff (USA) - February 2017
Happy People - Little Big Town
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Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Vine R, Vine L with ¼ Turn
1-2-3-4Step to R, Step L behind R, Step to R, Touch L beside R
5-6-7-8Step to L, Step R behind L, Turn ¼ to L and step on L, Touch R beside L

[9-16] K-Step
1-2-3-4Step fwd on R diagonal, Touch L beside R, Step home on L, Touch R beside L
5-6-7-8Step back on R diagonal, Touch L beside R, Step home on L, Touch R beside L

[17-24] R and L Toe Struts, Rocking Chair
1-2-3-4Step fwd on ball on R foot, Drop heel, Step fwd on ball of L foot, Drop heel
5-6-7-8Rock fwd on R, Recover on L, Rock back on R, Recover on L

[25-32] Jazz Cross with Toe Struts
1-2-3-4Step R over L on ball of foot, Drop heel, Step back on L ball of foot, Drop heel
5-6-7-8Step to R on ball of foot, Drop heel, Step L over R on ball of foot, Drop heel

RESTART: At end of wall four, do the first 16 counts of the dance, then begin again.
You will be facing 9:00.

Contact Roger at:


Sandue May 31, 2017
Nice dance to the music and good for beginners (not sure about Absolute Beginners, but I'll give it try and teach it to my AB class),

Sandue June 13, 2017
Another comment - I like the dance, but don't really care for the toe strut jazz box.

Sandue November 4, 2017
Changed my mine on the jazz box - it works really good and good for teaching a toe-strut jazz box. Thanks and this dance goes to a lot of music.

I especially like that you always have a video of the dance. Thanks again.

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