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One Dance

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Amélie Jammart (BEL) & Paul Steinborn (DE) - February 2017
"One Dance" By Alex Aiono
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Intro: 32 Counts

Samba Step 2x, Mambo Step Froward, ½ Turn, Toe Strut Forward With Hips Bump.
1Rf Step Side
&Lf Rock Step Back
2Rf Recover
3Lf Step Side
&Rf Rock Step Back
4Lf Recover
5Rf Rock Step Forward
&Lf Recover
6Rf Step ½ Turn Right
7Lf Step Toe Forward With Hips Bump
8Lf Drop Heel

Cross Samba 2x, Cross, Step ¼ Turn, Chasse ¼.
1Rf Cross Over Lf
&Lf Step Out
2Rf Step Out
3Lf Cross Over Rf
&Rf Step Out
4Lf Step Out
5Rf Cross Over Lf
6Lf Step ¼ Turn Back (Face To 9am)
7Rf Step ¼ Turn Side (Face To 12am)
&Lf Step Next To Rf
8Rf Step Side

Walk Forward 1/8 Turn, Walk Forward, Mambo Step, Hitch Back 2x, Touch Side With 1/8 Turn, Body Roll, Ball Step.
1Lf Step Forward With 1/8 Turn (1.30am)
2Rf Step Forward
3Lf Rock Forward
&Rf Recover
4Lf Step Back
5Rf Hitch Step Back
6Lf Hitch Touch Side 1/8 Turn (12pm)
7Body Roll
&Rf Ball
8Lf Step Side

Press Step Forward, Sweep, Sailor Step 1/8, Tiny Step 1/8 Turn, Tiny Step, ¼ Turn With 3 Tiny Step.
1Rf Press Step Forward
2Rf Sweep Back
3Rf Cross Behind Lf
&Lf Step Out
4Rf Step Out With 1/8 Turn
5Lf Tiny Step With 1/8 Turn
6Rf Tiny Step Forward
7&8Lf And Rf ¼ Turn With 3 Tiny Step
&Lf Hold

Tag: Wall 3 And 8 Change Count 16:
7Rf Step ¼ Turn Side (Face To 12am)
&Lf Step Next To Rf
8Rf Touch Next To Lf
And Restart The Dance.



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