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I Keep Forgetting

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Michelle Risley (UK) - March 2017
I Keep Forgetting - Lee Ann Womack & Vince Gill : (iTunes & Amazon)
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Count In: 16 Counts On Vocal

Step Touch, Step Touch, Turn ¼R, Kick, Walk Back, Back
1-2Step Right To Side, Touch Left Together
3-4Step Left To Side, Touch Right Together
5Turn ¼ Right Step Right Forward (3oc)
6Kick Left Forward*
7-8Step Left Back, Step Right Back,
*Step Change & Restart Wall 5, Front Wall After Count 6
Count 7: Turn ¼ L To Front, Count 8: Touch Right In Place

Half Turn, ¼ Turn, Behind, ¼ Turn, Pivot ½, Walk, Walk
1Make ½ Turn Left Stepping Forward Left (9oc)
2-3Make ¼ Turn Left Stepping Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right
4¼ Turn Right Stepping Forward On Right (9oc)
5-6Step Forward On Left, Pivot ½ Turn Over Right Shoulder
7-8Walk Forward Left, Right (3oc)
Styling: Replace Counts 7-8 Walks With 2 Skates Forward

Cross Rock, Side Shuffle, Cross, 1/4 Turn, Step Back, Point Back
1-2Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover On Right
3&4Side Shuffle Left (3oc)
5-6Cross Right Over Left, Make ¼ Right Stepping Back On Left (6oc)
7-8Step Back On Right, Point Left Toe Back (Preparing For Your Turn)

Rolling Full Turn Forward, Pivot 1/2 , Pivot 1/4
1-2Step Forward On Left, Turn Toe Out Slightly, Turn ½ Left Stepping Back On Right
3&4Shuffle ½ Over Left Shoulder, Completing Full Turn Forward, L (6oc)
Alternative For Counts 1-4: Walk Forward Left, Right, Left Shuffle
5-6Step Forward On Right, Pivot ½ Left (12oc)
7-8Step Forward On Right, Pivot ¼ Left (9oc)

Start The Dance Again

**Step Change & Restart: Facing Front, Wall 5:
Dance Count 1-6… Then Make ¼ Turn Left Step To Left Side, Touch Right In Place.

Music Note: The Music Has A Natural Stop At 3.05, This Is Where The Dance Finishes. I Have Not Continued The Dance Though The Extended Instrumental Ending.

Ending: Facing 3oc Wall, After Count 22 Unwind Over Right Shoulder, Turning To The Front To Finish.


Groovy Chick April 19, 2018
Taught this a long time ago and it is still requested nearly every week by my class - another keeper by Michelle

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