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Don't Call Me Baby

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Intermediate waltz
Luke Watson (AUS) - March 2017
Dive - Ed Sheeran : (Album: Divide)
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Intro: Start on Lyrics 10 Seconds from start of track - Direction: CCW

Section 1: Step Fwd, Rock, Recover, Step Back, Drag, Replace
1,2,3Step Fwd onto R, Step/Rock Fwd onto L, Step/rock back onto R
4,5,6Step Back on L, Drag R Together , Replace weight onto R

Section 2: Half Diamond Waltz
1,2,3Step fwd on L to L 45 degree angle (10.30), Step R beside L, Step L Beside R
4,5,6Step Back on R making 1/4 Turn Left (7.30), Step L beside R, Step R beside L Straightening up to - 6.00

Section 3: Cross Waltz, Cross Waltz 1/4 Turn R
1,2,3Cross L in front of R, Step/Rock R to R, Replace weight onto L
4,5,6Cross R in front of L, Step/Rock L to L, Making 1/4 R Step Fwd on R (9.00)

Section 4: Anchor Step, Step Back1/4 turn, Point
1,2,3Step Fwd onto L, Step/Lock R behind L, Replace weight onto L
4,5,6Step Back onto R, Making 1/4 turn L step L to L (6.00), Touch R to R

Section 5: Half Turn, Point, Hold, 1/4 turn, Step 1/2 Turn
1,2,3Replacing weight onto R turn 1/2 turn R (12.00), Point L to L, Hold
4,5,6Making 1/4 L Step Fwd onto L (9.00), Step fwd onto R, Making 1/2 turn L, Step fwd onto L (3.00)

Section 6: 1/4 Turn Step Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Cross
1,2,3Making 1/4 Turn L Step R to R (12.00), Cross L behind R, Step R to R
4,5,6Cross L in Front of R, Step R to R, Cross L in Front of R

Section 7: Step Side, Rock Back, Recover, Step Back 1/4 turn , Drag , Hold
1,2,3Step R to R, Step/Rock L Behind R, Rock Fwd onto R
4,5,6Making 1/4 Turn R Step Back onto L (3.00) , Drag R Together, Hold

Section 8: Step , Pivot , Step Fwd, Full Turn
1,2,3Step Fwd on R, Step Fwd on L, Make 1/2 Turn R (9.00)
4,5,6Step Fwd on L, Step back on R making 1/2 Turn L (3.00), Step Fwd on L making 1/2 Turn L (9.00)

Start again on new wall !

The 12 beat Tag happens at the end of Wall 3 and 6
Tag 1: Step Fwd, Hold, Hold, Step back, Step 1/2 turn, Step Together - x2
1,2,3Step Fwd on R, Hold, Hold,
4,5,6Step Back on L, Making 1/2 turn R step Fwd on R, Step L beside R

1,2,3Hold for 3 counts before Restarting then dance at the end of Wall 10 facing - 12.00



Alicelovetodance April 19, 2022
All great minds think alike, Jose Miguel just choreographed a dance very similar to your steps. I like them both ,but for me, I think yours is more doable.

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