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Southern Thing

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Rob Fowler (ES) & Darren Bailey (UK) - March 2017
Ain't Just a Southern Thing - Alan Jackson
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Intro: 16 Counts from the heavy beat, Approx 8 secs

S1: Stomp, Toe Fan, Toe, Heel, Cross, Hold
1-2Stomp RF forward, Fan toes to the R
3-4Fan toes to the L, Fan toes to the R (finish with weight on RF)
5-6Touch toes of LF in towards RF, Touch heel of LF next to RF
7-8Cross LF over RF, Hold

S2: Back, Side, Cross, Scuff, L Shuffle forwards
1-2Step back on RF, Step LF to L side
3-4Step forward on RF, Scuff LF forward
5-6Step forward on LF, Close RF next to LF
7-8Step forward on LF, Hold

S3: Pivot ½ turn L, ¾ turn R,
1-2Step forward on RF, Make a 1 /2 turn pivot L
3-4Step forward on RF, Hold
5-6Make a ½ turn R and step back on LF, Make a ¼ turn R step RF to R side
7-8Cross LF in front of RF, Hold (Now facing 3:00)

S4: Figure of 8, ¼ turn L
1-2Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF
3-4Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on RF, Step forward on LF
5-6Make a ½ turn Pivot R, Make a ¼ turn R and step LF to L side
7-8Cross RF behind LF, Make a ¼ turn L and step forward on LF (Now facing 12:00)
Restart here during wall 4 facing 6:00

S5: Scuff R, Step forward, Flick, Step back, Hitch, Step back, Heel, Step
1-2Scuff RF forward, Step forward onto RF
3-4Flick LF behind R knee, Step back on LF
5-6Hitch R knee, Step back on RF
7-8Touch L heel forward, Step onto LF

S6: Touch, Hold, Heel jack, Step, Touch, Heel jack, Step, Close, Stomp x2
1-2Touch RF behind LF, Hold
&3-4Step back on RF, Touch L heel forward, Hold
&5&6Step onto LF, Touch RF behind LF, Step back on RF, Touch L heel forward
&7-8Step onto LF, Stomp RF next to LF (weight on LF), Stomp RF next to LF (weight on LF)

S7: R Vine, Touch, L Vine, ¼ turn L, Scuff R
1-2Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF
3-4Step RF to R side, Touch LF next to RF
5-6Step LF to L side, Cross RF behind LF
7-8Make a ¼ turn L and step forward on LF, Scuff RF forward (Now facing 9:00)

S8: Step, Twist out, Twist In, Kick, Back Lock L, Step Side L with ¼ turn L
1-2Step forward on RF, Twist R heel to R,
3-4Return R heel to centre, Kick RF forward
5-6Step back on RF, Cross LF in front of RF
7-8Step back on RF, Make a ¼ turn L and step LF to L side (Now facing 6:00)

Tag: add the following 4 counts at the end of wall 1
1-2Rock Forward on RF, Recover onto LF
3-4Touch RF next to LF, Clap hands

Hope you enjoy the dance.
Live to Love; Dance to Express.


DivaD July 8, 2023
Love this dance………. Great music! I don’t know how I missed this dance back in 2017 but I taught this dance recently and everyone loves it! It needs to be back on Copperknob’s Most Popular…….#1 (2023)

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