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It Ain't My Fault

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Cheryl Dibble (USA) - March 2017
It Ain't My Fault - Brothers Osborne
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Kick Ball Cross, Right Side Shuffle, Rock Recover, ¼ Turn Sailor Step
1&2Kick with R, step on R, cross L over R
3&4Right side shuffle RLR
5,6Rock L over R, recover R
7&8Left sailor step turning ¼ left (9:00)

Kick Ball Step Forward X2; Step R Forward, Step On L Turning ½ Left, Shuffle Forward
1&2Kick with R, step on R, step forward on L
3&4Kick with R, step on R. step forward on L
5,6Step forward on R, step with L turning ½ left
7&8Shuffle forward RLR

Shuffle Left, Rock, Recover; Shuffle Right, Rock, Recover
1&2 3,4Shuffle left side LRL, rock R over L, recover L
5&6 7,8Shuffle right side RLR, rock L over R, recover R (3:00)

Walk LRLR Making ¾ Turn Left; Rock Forward, Recover, Left Coaster Step
1,2,3,4Step ¼ left on L (12:00), step ¼ left on R (9:00), step ¼ left on L (6:00), step R next to L
5,6 7&8Rock L forward, recover R, step L back, step R back, step L forward

***TAGS: At the end of walls 2 and 4; step on R, step on L----- before beginning next wall.

***RESTART: On wall 8 after the first 8 steps. Your 2 walls will now begin at 3:00 and 9:00



CGillett October 2, 2018
I love this dance, but it is too hard to learn. You need to turn around with your back to us, so that we can follow your feet.

christabelle November 6, 2018
I agree with CGillett. Can you re-do it, slow it down, break it down and do a step by step tutorial.

christabelle March 8, 2019
Agreed. A step by step tutorial would make it possible to learn this dance. Just watching you dance is not teaching us anything.

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